Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am feeling rather apathetic as of late.  The semester is wearing on and I am tired.  Many fellow students are feeling the same, I know, but I'm not experiencing their apathy, only my listlessness.

Call backs were today for The Summoning of Everyman (aka Everyman).  I really enjoyed the movement part of the call backs, but after three hours of call backs I was exhausted.  Which may be adding to my listless feelings - I don't know.  The company list of 24 (cut from 40) will be up tomorrow morning, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

One bonus to my listless feelings is that I am not stressed out - although I probably will be later - from not doing anything tonight after call backs.  Downsides are that it's not relaxing because I have energy, yet, I don't want to do anything.  I eat more when I'm restless which sucks, except I discovered tonight that French Silk ice cream is AWESOME.  (The Kroger Deluxe Light, specifically.)  And I just don't like how I feel when I'm restless.  At least I have the where-to-for (oh yeah, getting fancy) to write about my blah-ness.

There are four weeks left in the semester and, as much fun as I have had and as much as I have learned in the last twelve weeks, I am tired and I need a break.  I have been going to college for six years and I am tired of academia in general.  Let me be clear here: I am tired of academia NOT learning.  I hope I never lose my thirst for knowledge.  Although I am rather frustrated with the establishment of academia.  Argh.

I am looking forward greatly to graduation and the next chapter of my life.  But, right now, in this moment all I am looking forward to is a bowl of French Silk Ice Cream and sleeping.  And maybe some pepperonis.  Yum.


LabGirl said...

Pepperoni and Ice Cream???? Weirdo! But no, I am tired of academia AND learning. I would love to stop having to cram my brain full of all of this knowledge!!! We need a vacation, a break, a few days without professors assigning anything, any of the above!! And the one stinking homework assignment we have all year in improv we both forget! How terrible is that?

Jenny said...

@LabGirl Ew! Pepperonis on ice cream?! No! I ate the pepperonis, drank a glass of milk, had Adam crack my back and THEN I had French Silk Ice Cream.... if you've never had it, you should go to Kroger right now and get some. It is AMAZING. And Kroger is open until midnight - so no excuses!

Jenny said...

@LabGirl Also, let's try really hard to remember hats on Monday ok? And we can get together after exams end and celebrate!