Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Do You Spell "Hhhhhhhhhggggmmm"?

I have been absent.  Sorry.

I don't know why, but I've been in a rather, erm, lethargic mood lately.

I also have failed to write several posts that I have promised to write, about Amazon, and others.

I have been totally failing, and I'm working on it.

I would like to share a great link with you:  It's a very informational site.

Also, check out the free books on Amazon in the Kindle Store.  I got some great ones.

That is all, back to our usual programming.  See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh In - 6/3/11 (Holy Crap! It's June ALREADY?!)

Starting Weight: 199.4 lbs
Ending Weight: 200.4 lbs
Total Change: + 1.0 lbs

Damn it.

Exercise Week

Monday the Fitness Center in our complex is closed.  Adam and I went for a bike ride and I did an upper body circuit.  We also planted our garden and went for a late evening walk.  It was not hard to break a sweat today, it is HOT here. 90 freaking degrees. Whew.

Tuesday was Yoga day, yay!

Wednesday I did not work out today due to the massive amount I had going on with Courtney's Bachelorette Party stuff.  And Bridal Shower.  Also, side note: if you are in the Lansing area, do NOT go down to the Saginaw Highway.  There is a ton of construction.  It is a nightmare.  If you can avoid the area, do it.  If not, take 96 to Lansing Mall to minimize the construction disaster contact.

Thursday was yoga. I love yoga.  And in the two short weeks that I have been going to classes regularly I am seeing improvements in my postures and my practice.  I love it.

Friday I didn't work out really, I jumped rope for a bit, but I was rather melancholy from my weigh in.  So I took a day to do fun work out instead.

Eating Week

Friday I ate my exact daily points.  Got all of my healthy checks in as well.  I'm kind of running out of things to put here on a normal day....

Saturday I went over on points a little, but I still got in my healthy checks.  Even a short walk to give me a one point activity check!  And Adam made his slow cooked bacon for breakfast, yuuuuuuummmmm!  

Sunday was MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!  Olive Garden, all around!  Their breadsticks should be against the law, they are so good.  Not that they need to be any more unhealthy (3 points a piece, yikes!) but I think they need a wee bit more garlic butter and more parmesan cheese. Nom nom nom nom!  I had the cheese ravioli for lunch/dinner  I only ate half of what came, which allowed me to eat my exact daily allowance, despite eating out.  And we ate generally later in the day which allowed me to use a majority of my points at Olive Garden.   I also need to let you know here that today starts my week of eating vegetarian on a trial basis.  But even if I make the change permanent, I will be making a new category of vegetarian, Fish, Dairy and Bacon eating vegetarian.  Fortunately, I am making this move for health reasons, not really as a statement to meat vendors or anything which allows me to keep the meat I like.  Which is really just bacon.  And we only have it once a week, on Saturday mornings.  And according to my research on the interwebs, that classifies Adam and I as vegetarian sympathizers.  We eat meat less often than others, much less than we used to and with research into the meat we buy - tend to buy local.

Monday my parents and brothers came to town and we went out to Emil's over on Michigan to celebrate my birthday. Yum yum!  I had the Fettucini Alfredo for lunch/dinner, salad and one piece of bread.  This place is a local eatery, and a great place to go.  Cheesy Alfredo sauce....... mmmmmmm......  cheesy......

Tuesday I tracked everything, went over on points a little, but not bad!

Wednesday was Courtney's Bachelorette Party, baseball and bar hopping, fun times!  I still tracked everything though. :)  I also, without even thinking, broke my week of vegetarianism.  I didn't even realize it until a couple hours later.  :(  Nicole wanted to get a hot dog at the game and I was all, "That sounds yummy!" and I got one. Damn.  I will try again next week. I will, I will, I will.

Thursday I tracked well and had three points left for the day.  I'm not sure I calculated correctly, so I am going to leave those points there.

All in all the week felt like a success, but I gained, so not really.  Huff.