Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Did You Eat Today? Day 6

While I'm stuck on the side of the road, I might as well post about what I ate yesterday too.

3/4 cup Post Honey Bunches of Oats - 3 P+
(I forgot to get Greek Yogurt when we went grocery shopping, so I am out of yogurt and therefore, no berry-cereal parfaits.  How sad.)

1 serving Spoke Dip - 3 P+
1 Hard Roll - 4 P+
1 WW String cheese stick - 1 P+
4 big carrot sticks - 0 P+
1 serving No-Bake Cheesecake Mousse - 3 P+

1 Soup Spoon Cafe Tuna Melt - 10 P+
1/3 cup Soup Spoon Cafe Coleslaw - 3 P+
1/2 cup Kroger Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream - 4 P+

1 cup Chocolate Milk - 4 P+

Daily Points Available: 32
Daily Points Used: 35

I need to add some pictures or something.  When I do day seven I'll post a picture of the Spoke Dip, it's so yummy!

How did you guys do today?

Riding My Bike is ALWAYS an Adventure

I write about biking a lot here at Fondant is Gross, which probably not what you expect from a blog that has a cake themed name.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling all that creative the night I founded this blog, or at least as far as coming up with something related to my name or something I was doing at the time. Now I think that I could call my blog Century, 5K and Jenny makes three or something else bizzare like that.  But I like my blog name and I'd like to think that having passion for what I write about will allow you to forgive me for having a misleading-ish blog title.

Anyway, the reason this post is titled as it is, is for at this moment, I am writing this post, sitting on a rock, under a tree somewhere on Stillman road in the greater Lansing area, hoping I don't get wet while I wait for Adam to come back and get me, because, in spectacular fashion, I have earned yet another flat, this time on the front wheel, instead of the back.

I'll be here awhile since it's going to take Adam at least a half hour to get back to the apartment and then another 10-15 to get back here.  But, the Blogger smartphone app allows me to add pics to this post from my phone, so, here are some lovely photos of my surroundings.

Oh, and not one car has stopped to see if I'm ok. Yeesh.  I did get one honk.

I forgot to mention it's raining also.


EDIT: I'm home, safe and warm now.  I didn't have enough data service to post on the road, so here it is anyway!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wove, Twue Wove...

This, dear readers, is my dearest, darling husband of mine.

He is a wonderful husband.

I love him a lot, and there's nothing I like more than to snuggle up with him and talk about our days and our future.

But those of you who share a bed with your spouse/partner will know, sometimes, it gets rough at night.  We have been sharing a bed for about 2 years now and when we first moved in together, we shared the bed we bought together peacefully.  We would snuggle before we dropped off to sleep, then in our sleep we would roll apart and have plenty of space for us to sleep, roll over, whatever.

Do you like my teddy bear? I've had him since I was born!

There have been night time adventures in that time, where one of us would be talking in our sleep and wake the other one up.  For example, I woke up one night to laughter. Which isn't a big deal, unless it's 3:30 in the morning.  Which it was.  



Baby, are you awake?

{more laughter}

What is so funny?

{laughs harder} The trees!!

What's so funny about the trees?

They're inside out! {continues laughing}

The trees are inside out?

YES! {laughter continues}

Oooookaaaay.... go back to sleep babe.

{laughs quieter}

On another occasion there was something about a basket of cheese, but I don't remember exactly what that was about.  These are fine and they make great anecdotes the next day (or several months down the road).  But then, when the night time adventures get physical, that's when they get to be a annoying.

Exhibit A: I get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, come back and Adam is sprawled in the middle of the bed, so that I can't get in it.  I nudge him and get him to move, but he is very grouchy when this happens.  He doesn't remember it the next day, but he certainly makes a fuss when I push him out of the way.

Exhibit B: I don't even get up to go to the bathroom, I wake up simply because I am about to fall out of bed because somebody has been slowly encroaching on my side of the bed all night.  I push him until he moves, but again is very grouchy and, once again does not remember this in the morning.

Exhibit C: WE AREN'T EVEN ASLEEP YET! He's in the middle of the bed with his leg and foot stretched all the way across to the corner on my side of the bed.  Hmmmm..... me thinks I smell a rat!

This has only been happening since we moved to Lansing, so I don't know if it's this psychological thing because of the move or if our bed is on an invisible incline that causes him to do this. But I had to tell Adam last night, very seriously, that I love him, but if he doesn't stop encroaching on my side of the bed I'm going to push him off of his side!

Maybe if we push the bed against the wall....

Or get him one of these:

How do you deal with a sleeper creeper?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Exercising More Than Once

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was changing my routine (again) and running M-W-F instead of just on the low (or no) miles bike days.

I've been experimenting with when I got for my run after we get back from our rides.  This is tricky, because I've never trained for two events at once before.  And I am by no means an expert, exact opposite actually.  But these are my experiences/experiments and I am sharing them with you, my imaginary, massive, audience.

First I tried just resting a bit before running, not eating or drinking anything.  That did not work.  I was sluggish and I just didn't feel very good while I was running.  My time sucked and my muscles, though rested a bit, were upset.

Then I tried just coming back from our ride, changing and just shooting right back out the door to run.  Huge flop.  Just BLECH!  I was a mess.  I was slow, joints hurt, muscles ached, I had stitches in my side the entire run.

It made me stop and walk portions when I wasn't supposed to.  It was so bad.  And I had to stop and stretch more because my muscles were seizing up.

Then, I hit upon the perfect plan.  I would come in from our ride, change, drink a glass of chocolate milk, eat some fruit and rest for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.  Then I would head out and run.


I felt so great on my run today!  I got a small stitch in my side, but I was able to breathe through it.  My ankle never hurt, I didn't have to stop for anything.  Well, I did stop once because I mis-read the stop watch, but other than that, I was flying!

It was a beautiful day, I felt so good.  And when I got home, I still felt great!  I got a little drowsy after lunch, but I didn't nap.

I am so glad I found something that works!

What about you? How do you handle multiple workouts?

What Did You Eat Today? Day 5

Good Evening!

It's now time for me to bore you with what I ate today!  (I'll write a regular post next, promise!)

3/4 cup Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Milk - 3 P+

12 Garlic Crackers - 3 P+
1 serving Spoke Dip - 4 P+
1 serving No-Bake Cheesecake Mousse - 3 P+

1 serving Cheesy Potatoes - 3 P+
1 serving No-Bake Cheesecake Mousse - 3 P+

1 cup Chocolate Milk - 4 P+
1 cup Grapes - 0 P+
2 Weight Watchers Candies - 2 P+
1/2 serving Spoke Dip with 1 Bun - 7 P+ (I think I over exaggerated the points, but that's how many I had left)
1 cup carrots - 0 P+

Daily Points Used: 32
Daily Points Left: 0

Are you bored yet?





Oh, whew! Good, I thought you had fallen asleep, but I see you were just in a stupor.

I don't blame you.

Anyway, regular post forthcoming!

How was your day? Eat all your points?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What did you eat today? Day 4

Good evening ladies and gents!  How are you this cool, crisp (almost) fall evening?  I hope this finds you well.

I hope you were as successful as I in remembering to track all of the food-type things you placed your gob today as I was.  For, as I sat down to post about today's palate, I had 9 points left for today - oh no!  Then I realized that I had forgotten to track a glass of milk that I had for lunch, dun dun dun!  I quickly added that and the couple extra bites I had of the delicious Spoke Dip we had for dinner and voila! I only had 2 points left which I quickly gobbled up with a half cup of chocolate milk, mmmmm...... chocolate.....

So! On with the show!

0.75 cups Post Honey Bunches of Oats with 0.5 cups of milk - 3 P+

1 Home-made French bread Pizza - 5 P+
0.5 cup Regular Orange Jell-O - 2 P+
1 cup Milk - 3 P+

1 serving Spoke Dip - 4 P+
1/6 of a French Bread Baguette - 2 P+
0.5 cups No-Bake Cheesecake Mousse - 3 P+
0.5 serving of Spoke Dip with 3 crackers - 4 P+
0.5 cups Chocolate Milk - 2 P+

1 cup grapes - 0 P+
2 cups Black Tea (1 C Blueberry, 1 C Raspberry, not at the same time) regular, no sugar - 0 P+
1 oz Plantars' Honey Roasted Peanuts - 4 P+

You may have noticed I've been eating French Bread Pizza a lot over the last few days, but it is simply because that is all we had and hadn't gone grocery shopping yet.  We have now gone grocery shopping and you will not see the FBP again for a little bit.  It's a little carb heavy :D  And you will see more veggies!  Woo! Veggies!

Alright, it's time for me to hit the sack, I spent most of the day yawning. Night y'all!  Leave a comment to let me know how your day went!

What Did You Eat Today? Day 3

Apologies for not posting this last night, but yesterday was our long bike ride and I was tired.  And Back to the Future III was on.  And Titanic was on.

Whatever, here's what I ate on Saturday.

1 cup Grapes - 0 P+
3 Egg whites - 1 P+
1 Egg yolk - 1 P+
3 slices Private Selection Center Cut Bacon - 2 P+
1 cup Orange Spice Tea, black, regular - 0 P+

1 cup Spaghetti Noodles - 5 P+
0.5 cups Ragu Chunky Green Pepper and Mushroom Sauce (YUM.) - 2 P+
1 tbsp Parmesan Cheese, grated - 1 P+
1 oz Plantars' Honey Roasted Peanuts - 4 P+
1 bag Weight Watchers Popped Cinnamon Swirl Crisps (minus the few that Adam ate) - 2 P+

1 Home-made French Bread Pizza (this time no snacking on remaining bread) - 4 P+
1 oz Plantars' Honey Roasted Peanuts - 4 P+
1 Ice Pop - 1 P+

1 cup Chocolate Milk (excellent recovery drink, just yummy!) - 4 P+
1 Stupid Cereal Bar on my Stupid Bike Ride* - 3 P+

Daily Points Used - 35
Daily Points Remaining - 0

Activity Points
4 Hour Bike Ride: 26 AP+

Activity Points Earned Saturday - 26
Activity Points Earn this Week to Date - 37

*All would be considered good that I ate on the ride, had I remembered to enter it when I got home last night from our ride.  But I didn't remember until this morning. AFTER I ATE THE PEANUTS WHEN I WASN'T HUNGRY JUST SO I WOULDN'T HAVE POINTS LEFT YESTERDAY.  So now, because of my stupidity, I went over on my daily points.  My goal this week was to not do that, because I never want to go back over that 200 lbs mark again and I am perilously close to doing that so I wanted to step it up this week.  I have not felt deprived at all so far this week, eating only my daily points.  I was happy that I was managing to only eat my daily points. GAH!  I felt like I was exercising self-control better than ever.

I was so upset when I realized that I made Adam think I had realized something really, really awful.  Of course, to me, this is awful, and to him it's not that big of a deal, or to anyone other than me, but I'm so frustrated! I was so excited to be able to come in right on target on a day that is usually over because of how we structure our rides.  We even changed the structure of our ride yesterday so we could stop in the middle and eat lunch. Frick.

Well, I guess it will just have to be a goal I pursue with a vengeance next week. I CAN DO IT.

How was your Saturday? Did you stay with in your points values or stick to your plan?

Friday, August 26, 2011

What Did You Eat Today? Day 2

Today is day two in my series of what I ate this week, trying to stay within my daily points allowance all week.  So far I have been successful, yesterday I came in (unintentionally) 2 points under.  You're not really supposed to make a habit of doing that because the points value they give you is so you are able to get all of your nutrition and not send your body into starvation mode.

Well, let's get down to brass tax, shall we?

1 Berry-Cereal Parfait with Maple Yogurt - 2 P+

1 Fat Free Ballpark Turkey Frank - 1 P+
1 Aunt Millie's Whole Wheat Hot Dog Bun - 3 P+
2 cups Watermelon - 0 P+
1 Weight Watchers Toasted Coconut Dream Bar - 2 P+

1 Home-made French Bread Pizza - 10 P+ (with some extra French Bread snacking)
1 cup Sugar Free Orange Jell-O Gelatin - 0 P+
1 Bag Weight Watchers Popped Cinnamon Swirl Crisps - 2 P+

1 cup Chocolate Milk - 4 P+
1 oz Plantar's Honey Roasted Peanuts - 4 P+
1 cup Chocolate Milk - 4 P+

Daily Points Used: 32 P+
Daily Points Left: 0 P+

I had 4 P+ left as I was writing this post and I decided to spend them on another glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm... chocolate milk.....

That and Jell-O are the only things we have left in the fridge really.  We need to go grocery shopping, and so we will after our really long ride tomorrow.

Whew!  Only 5 more days, so you will be getting posts on the weekend, are you excited! Me too!

How was your day? Did you stay within your points? 

Friday Five - 5 Reasons I Love My Bike

<center><a href=""> <img src="" /> </a></center> 

Friday 5 is a weekly thing over at Living Like the Kings and today I decided to do my first one.  It fits perfectly with what I was going to write about today anyway!  My bike!

5 Reasons Why I Love My Bike a Specialized Dolce Triple

1.  It's beautiful and made just for women by Specialized.

2. It never judges me, and never tells me I can't do something.

3. Dolce is always there for me, waiting for me to hop on her and take her for a spin

4. She always spurs me to go farther, faster, longer.

5. She helps me on my weight loss journey and I know she'll still be there when I reach my goal weight and will help keep me fit.

It's a great bike, and I love it. Worth every penny.


As is custom at Living Like the Kings: Got a Friday Five? Link up!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What did you eat today? Day 1

So, this week I have decided that I am going to have a daily post about what I ate, how many points each item was and my total points for the day.  While reading this, if you want to follow what I eat, keep in mind I am watching my carbohydrate intake.

1 Berry-Cereal Parfait with Maple Yogurt - 2 P+

1 can (2.5 cups) Progresso Light Chicken Noodle Soup - 5 P+
2 cups Watermelon

1 cup cooked Spaghetti Noodles - 5 P+
0.5 cups Ragu Chunky Green Pepper and Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce - 2 P+
1 tbsp grated Parmesan Cheese - 1 P+
1 oz Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts - 4 P+
1 cup Sugar Free Orange Jell-O - 0 P+

1 Bag Weight Watchers Popped Cinnamon Swirl Crisps - 2 P+
5 cups Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter Flavor Popcorn - 3 P+
1 Home-made baked doughnut - 4 P+
2 cups Watermelon - 0 P+
0.5 cups Cottage Cheese - 2 P+

Daily Points used = 30
Points Left = 2

Activity Points Earned
Pedometer - 2 P+

I will update when I finish my Points for today. Updated!

What did you eat today? Did you have a good day? How much did you plan in advance?

Rest Day for the Crazy

Ah, rest day!

It's a great day.  Until recently, I didn't really have an actual planned rest day, I would do a 5K training run on my century training rest day.  Ah, but genius of genius strokes, made me decide that I should, you know, actually rest from my crazy training schedule.  So now I switched to running Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Having a whole day off is glorious!

I get up, make breakfast and head out to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  I weigh in, eat breakfast and stay for the meeting.  I usually text Adam and let him know how the weigh in went, read the weekly hand out and read my book for a little while before the meeting starts.

After the meeting, I go do laundry, and come home.

Ok, well, it's not really that exciting, but it's nice to not have to be out huffing and puffing my way around the complex to get my 5K training in.

The only thing that I would like to have to do instead is to have to work all that around a job.  (I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week :-(... which is why there are now ads on this site, I earned a whole penny the other day!)

So, aaaaanywaaaay, even though I love the biking and the running and the crazy schedule I have set out for myself, it's nice spending a whole day without giving my sebaceous glands a work out.

A whole day of being dry, and smelling nice. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, poo.

"Life is disappointing"

We went on our normal century training ride this morning.

"Woe is all I know!"

And my legs were really feeling yesterday's two hour work out.

"That's just how it goes"

And I was just getting into my stride when I felt a rock go under my front tire and then my back tire.

"Strife is never-ending"

And I felt it go, my back tire popped, I was pretty sure.  I asked Adam to look at my tire.  Yep. It's flat.

"Life is but a witch hunt"

We were kind of on a time crunch because Adam had to be back at a certain time to get to campus to go to a meeting.

A ride that promised to be great shot to hell.

So I sent Adam off to go get the car and come back and get me.  I sat in a ditch by the side of the road and played Blast Monkey on my phone.

While I sat there, several more cyclists happened passed.  Only one of them didn't say anything or ask if I was ok. Hmph!  Thanks to those who asked, though, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

One thing that kind of disappointed me was that not a single car stopped to ask if I was ok. Not one. I know that if I saw someone sitting in the ditch by the side of the road, even if they were sitting up, I'd still stop and see if they were ok.

As Stephanie from Full House used to say, "How Rude!"

I was really disappointed that our ride was cut short like that.  It had serious promise to be a rip-roaring good ride.  We were going to go further out on a road we haven't explored fully yet. Tomorrow's a rest day so Friday instead.  Keep on keepin' on!


The quotes from above are from Story of my Life from Shrek: The Musical, enjoy this video below!  You really should check out the whole recording, I run to the faster songs, and I belt to 'Morning Person' and 'I Know it's Today'

I went and saw this show with Courtney in February and loved it.  I highly recommend it

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yeah, I'm nuts

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about how I was thinking about running a 5K on top of my Century Training?

Yeah, well I'm pretty sure I also posted that I decided to run it. I can't find it right now.  But I wanted to tell you all that I have confirmation that I'm nuts.

Today, after doing our century training, I waited about an hour.  Ate some watermelon, drank some chocolate milk and watched some M*A*S*H while I waited. Then I got back up and went out to run TWO days worth of training.

That's right. TWO DAYS.  I ran the third day of Week 5, and the first day of Week 6 back to back.  55 minutes.

And I'm going to do it again tomorrow, and finish the last two days of Week 6.

Then I will be caught up and only running 3 days a week.

So maybe I'm only partially whacko.

But the great thing is, is that I felt great.  I rode hard, ran so long and worked my legs to the bone.  But after both, and in between, my legs felt great.  Sure now, my knees are a little swollen and sore, but my muscles feel fine.  Adam is still recovering from our long ride on Sunday, which is crazy! I'm usually the one who is still lagging a day or two after.

This is wonderful!  I hope that this continues and I keep getting stronger and stronger.


Woo-hoo! I won!

One of the problems that any cyclist or runner worth his or her salt runs into is where to keep a form of ID on them while they're out and about.

Sure, if you're a cyclist you can put it in your seat bag if you have one (you should) or if you are going hard core and wearing a cycling jersey, you can put it in one of your pockets.  I guess if you really wanted to, you could also put it in your shoe.  That might be a little smelly, but it's on you.  They'd have to remove your shoes eventually. You could put it in your shoe if you're a runner too, but that has it's own complications.  You could put it in a pocket, or carry it.

These are viable options.  You feel like you are taking care of business.  But for me, generally, my running pants/shorts don't have pockets, and if they do, they are inconspicuous and not easily found by a medic. If you carry it, you could drop it. If you are biking and put it in your jersey or in your bike seat, you have to remember to put your ID back in your wallet.

Fraught with problems!


You're riding (or running) along, it's a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, some light puffy clouds are floating through the pale blue sky.  There's a light breeze, but nothing to cause you major issues.  A perfect day.

You, sir or madam, are feeling great.  Those normal ache and pains you need to push through at the start of your work out don't bother you today.  You feel free. The world is your oyster!

You're still reveling in the joy of the weather and how great you feel, you start to hunker down and concentrate.  You don't even hear that new car come up behind you and BLAM!

You're flying in the air over your handle bars, or your feet are no longer pounding the pavement.  You let go of anything in your hands, trying to cover your head and protect yourself, your ID flies away into the bushes.  If it's in your seat bag it's gone, because the bike is in the bushes and is everyone's last thought.

You just got hit by a car and you have no ID. You're Jane/John Doe.  They can't contact your spouse, partner, parents, friends, roommates or any of your emergency contacts.  They don't know your name.  No one you love or cares about you knows where you are when you don't come home.  It could take them too long to find your relatives, by then, it could be too late.

This can be avoided.  I am absolutely terrified of getting hit by a car. TERRIFIED.  I do not ride unless I have someone to go with, 99% of the time it's Adam.  I think I've only ever gone on a longer ride by myself twice.  To help assuage my fears, I wear a RoadID.

It has my name, three emergency contacts (Adam and my parents) and their phone numbers.  I also have an inspirational quote ("Defy Gravity") from one of my favorite musicals and 'NKDA', which means No Known Drug Allergies.

RoadID isn't as known as it should. So I am trying to do my part to help.  If you stop to help someone, look for a colored band on their wrist, ankle, shoe or a dog tag style necklace.  It's a RoadID!  Use their name, if you're an EMT, know to look for it!  If you're a rider, runner or otherwise active, a RoadID is a great, easy way to keep ID on you when you're out and about being all active an healthy.

My apologies for the downer parts of this post, but I really feel that this is something that can save lives, and it has.  You just have to go to their site, and read the emails they've gotten, or just Google around a bit!

I love my RoadID and I think you all should love your very own!  Go get one! They're not too expensive and it could save your life!


Disclaimer: I have owned a RoadID for almost 3 years and have been meaning to write this post for awhile.  I was given a kick start when I was randomly drawn in a RoadID giveaway this morning for voting for Levi Leipheimer in the Fans' Choice Rider of the Day yesterday for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge happening right now in Colorado.

These are my opinions of the RoadID Sport ID wrist bracelet, they were not paid for by RoadID or any of its subsidiaries.  Any review you read here will be my opinions and my opinion only.  And Adam might chime in sometimes too, but I will mark it accordingly.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, then, prove me wrong!

So after my post about missing being closer to nature, Adam and I got home tonight from grocery shopping to several deer in the field near our building.

The little brown, barely visible dots are the deer.

A Look Back At the Firsts - Nostalgia Monday

Today is the first day of classes for my alma mater, Central Michigan University.  I had a great four years there, and I have no regrets.  I miss the wonderful people I met and I won't forget the great experiences I had there.

Andrew, chillin' in the ATEP lab

The cast and crew of Dead Man's Cell Phone

Some of the class of Irish Theatre History 2011 in Ireland, the night we did Caley Dancing

But I want to post a little nostalgia about the firsts for my that happened while I was there.

At Central I had my first apartment, that is now a parking lot instead.  Here, Adam gave me my claddaugh ring, as a promise ring.  I had my second apartment on campus too, and this apartment is where my wonderful boyfriend of 3 1/2 years proposed to me.

This building is also now a parking lot.  If you drive down Washington, through the center of campus, past the EHS building, the parking lot between EHS and Washington is where the two buildings I first lived in on my own used to stand.

While at Central I met two of my best friends, Courtney and Nicole.

Both of whom were bridesmaids in our wedding.  Melissa (one of my BFFs from my childhood) joined us when she came to CMU for grad school and Nicole introduced us to Lee.

Melissa (MOH1) and I on Adam's and my wedding day

L-R: Nicole, Courtney (holding Bauer), Me (please excuse my crazy eyes, I was trying not to blink) and Lee.  Our last Christmas with all of us in Michigan.

We used to have weekly breakfast gatherings where I would cook breakfast and we'd all hangout and eat and have a great time with friends.  This was a change from our weekly dinners we had the previous semester.

One of the biggest firsts while I was in Mount Pleasant:

Adam and I moved in together.

We moved in together the summer after we got engaged/summer before we got married.

And this summer we had to say good bye to it, two years after we moved in.

 Our tiny kitchen

It was remodeled about two months before we moved.

Looooong hallway that looked so nice when I decorated for Christmas.  I had a lot of fun with different things in this hallway.

The office

The office continued

We had so much closet space in this place.

First bathroom

connected by the shower/tub to 

the bathroom that connected to our bedroom

See? Seriously tons of closet space!

The room seems so much smaller without our stuff in it.

It was out this window that there was a great field where we played frisbee a lot.

Then we head back down the hall to our living room/dining room.

This apartment complex wasn't the best, but it was our first, together.  We came home to this apartment after our wedding, it was the first address we had on our drivers licenses that wasn't our parents' addresses.  We came home from our honeymoon to this apartment, and from our first wedding anniversary celebration.

So much happened here, it was hard to leave.  It felt like home.

Sorry for the quality, light was bad and I was trying not to cry until after the picture.

But today, I hope that even though the faculty is on strike, that every student's college experience at Central is as amazing as mine was and they have a lot of phenomenal firsts.  And I want to thank the Faculty for my experience. Though I didn't graduate with an ATEP degree, I learned loads from the ATEP faculty.  And the Theatre, Interpretation and Dance faculty made my experience with the theatre program one of the best times in my life.  I learned so much in class, working shows (whether I was crewing or in them), and about myself.  I loved every minute of my theatre major.  The friends I made, the people I met, thank you for my great experience at Central.

Fire Up Chips!


Thanks to Katie, Tim, Nicole, Lee and Titus Photography for some of the photos in this post, the rest are taken by me.