Monday, August 29, 2011

Exercising More Than Once

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was changing my routine (again) and running M-W-F instead of just on the low (or no) miles bike days.

I've been experimenting with when I got for my run after we get back from our rides.  This is tricky, because I've never trained for two events at once before.  And I am by no means an expert, exact opposite actually.  But these are my experiences/experiments and I am sharing them with you, my imaginary, massive, audience.

First I tried just resting a bit before running, not eating or drinking anything.  That did not work.  I was sluggish and I just didn't feel very good while I was running.  My time sucked and my muscles, though rested a bit, were upset.

Then I tried just coming back from our ride, changing and just shooting right back out the door to run.  Huge flop.  Just BLECH!  I was a mess.  I was slow, joints hurt, muscles ached, I had stitches in my side the entire run.

It made me stop and walk portions when I wasn't supposed to.  It was so bad.  And I had to stop and stretch more because my muscles were seizing up.

Then, I hit upon the perfect plan.  I would come in from our ride, change, drink a glass of chocolate milk, eat some fruit and rest for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half.  Then I would head out and run.


I felt so great on my run today!  I got a small stitch in my side, but I was able to breathe through it.  My ankle never hurt, I didn't have to stop for anything.  Well, I did stop once because I mis-read the stop watch, but other than that, I was flying!

It was a beautiful day, I felt so good.  And when I got home, I still felt great!  I got a little drowsy after lunch, but I didn't nap.

I am so glad I found something that works!

What about you? How do you handle multiple workouts?

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