Friday, August 19, 2011

It's fixed!!

Last night I posted a plea for help with the header of Fondant is Gross.  And two people offered their assistance.

First, Niki posted on Facebook, that if I sent her the code and what I wanted she'd fix it for me. I wasn't sure if I wanted to just let someone else do it, because I was so freaking frustrated with it or continue the learning process so I could fix it later, if when I break it trying to do something else..  So, I slept on it.  I awoke with the desire to continue beating my head against the brick wall that is web design.  But I still want to thank Niki for the offer, so thanks Niki!!

Fortunately, I also woke up to an email that would assist me in my fight.  The email was from my friend Charlie (one of our groomsmen) who does some computer support things for a company in another state.  Our relationship is very weird.  I spend a lot of time telling him to shut up, because he deserves it.  I swear, we must be brother and sister in another life.  Many times when we lived in the same state and city and were hanging out, many household objects became weapons of destruction.  One time I ended up falling over the pile of logs next to the wood stove in an attempt to get to the slipper first.  Don't ask.

Another time poor Jeff, Adam's roommate at the time, was on the receiving end of the slipper attack in a rare moment of united weirdness. Long story.

Ah, memories! (Anyone singing CATS here will be shot. I hate that musical. Ugh.)

Aaaaaaaanywaaaaaaay!  Charlie lives with his wife, Rachael, too far away from us, but it is what it is.  Charlie kindly spent some time answering my questions and helping me wrangle and beat the CSS into submission this morning/afternoon.  After several hours of chit chat while CSS. HTML and Blogger put up a valiant fight, Charlie and I finally, finally beat them down.

I couldn't have done it without you, Charlie.  

I would spend a considerable amount of time talking Charlie up now, but since he already has a full-time job, I don't think he would want to be embarrassed on here, but if he tells me otherwise, then I will write more.  Basically, just having him point me at the appropriate W3 Schools CSS tutorials and telling me how to  fix my improper coding (when I tried to adapt the example code to what I needed, and broke the code) was a huge help.

Thanks again and give my love to Rachael!

P.S. Everyone please keep your fingers and toes and eyes and arms and anything else you can cross, crossed, I should hear on the job I interviewed for earlier this week very soon! 

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