Monday, August 22, 2011

Au Natural

On the hopes that I will get the job I interviewed for last week, Adam and I headed to the in laws this weekend to celebrate my momma-in-law's birthday a week early.  We texted Adam's sister and she managed to orchestrate it so we would all be there for Friday night to celebrate and surprise my wonderful MIL a week early.

On Saturday while Adam was fixing their computer issues and finishing the wireless set up, Ellen and I sat out on the porch to watch the rain storm that blew through.  They had recently hung up a hummingbird feeder so we watched the hummingbirds fly around, trying to decide if we were dangerous to them or not.

They spent a lot of time on the pine tree whipping their heads around, watching for predators, and making sure we made no sudden movements. As if we could catch them!  They flitted in, out and around and finally decided we were not a threat and one came over to feed!  The other hummingbird wasn't so sure about us crazy tall humanoids and they flitted away.


The little one came back!

You can see his little tail hanging at the bottom of the feeder and he flits in and out a couple times, so cute!  You also will see the other hummingbird flit by once or twice.

We were amazed, they hadn't ever fed while someone was that close to the feeder before.  One flew up to the window and stared at my father-in-law the other day when the feeder was empty.  I feel the hummingbird was saying, "Hey, feeder's empty, what's up with that?!"

They're so tiny and adorable!  And one buzzed my Dad while we were on vacation two weeks ago, hehehehe!

And to wrap up the weekend at home, after Adam and I returned to my in-laws after riding our long ride for the week on Sunday, there was a whole little family of deer in the back yard!

That's something I miss about living in a smaller town.  Nature feels a lot closer, and there is a house with indoor plumbing.  Modern comforts with rustic exploits. 

And our families were closer.

How was your weekend?

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