Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five - 5 Reasons I Love My Bike

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Friday 5 is a weekly thing over at Living Like the Kings and today I decided to do my first one.  It fits perfectly with what I was going to write about today anyway!  My bike!

5 Reasons Why I Love My Bike a Specialized Dolce Triple

1.  It's beautiful and made just for women by Specialized.

2. It never judges me, and never tells me I can't do something.

3. Dolce is always there for me, waiting for me to hop on her and take her for a spin

4. She always spurs me to go farther, faster, longer.

5. She helps me on my weight loss journey and I know she'll still be there when I reach my goal weight and will help keep me fit.

It's a great bike, and I love it. Worth every penny.


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Sarah @ ExPat Bride said...

I need to invest in another bike. Haven't had one for a few years now

Jenny said...

@Sarah @ ExPat Bride I would highly recommend it! It is really, really worth the investment. I would suggest waiting til after you move though, kind of a hard thing to fit in a carry-on. :D

Kat said...

I need a bike! Yours looks awesome.