Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Woo-hoo! I won!

One of the problems that any cyclist or runner worth his or her salt runs into is where to keep a form of ID on them while they're out and about.

Sure, if you're a cyclist you can put it in your seat bag if you have one (you should) or if you are going hard core and wearing a cycling jersey, you can put it in one of your pockets.  I guess if you really wanted to, you could also put it in your shoe.  That might be a little smelly, but it's on you.  They'd have to remove your shoes eventually. You could put it in your shoe if you're a runner too, but that has it's own complications.  You could put it in a pocket, or carry it.

These are viable options.  You feel like you are taking care of business.  But for me, generally, my running pants/shorts don't have pockets, and if they do, they are inconspicuous and not easily found by a medic. If you carry it, you could drop it. If you are biking and put it in your jersey or in your bike seat, you have to remember to put your ID back in your wallet.

Fraught with problems!


You're riding (or running) along, it's a beautiful day.  The sun is shining, some light puffy clouds are floating through the pale blue sky.  There's a light breeze, but nothing to cause you major issues.  A perfect day.

You, sir or madam, are feeling great.  Those normal ache and pains you need to push through at the start of your work out don't bother you today.  You feel free. The world is your oyster!

You're still reveling in the joy of the weather and how great you feel, you start to hunker down and concentrate.  You don't even hear that new car come up behind you and BLAM!

You're flying in the air over your handle bars, or your feet are no longer pounding the pavement.  You let go of anything in your hands, trying to cover your head and protect yourself, your ID flies away into the bushes.  If it's in your seat bag it's gone, because the bike is in the bushes and is everyone's last thought.

You just got hit by a car and you have no ID. You're Jane/John Doe.  They can't contact your spouse, partner, parents, friends, roommates or any of your emergency contacts.  They don't know your name.  No one you love or cares about you knows where you are when you don't come home.  It could take them too long to find your relatives, by then, it could be too late.

This can be avoided.  I am absolutely terrified of getting hit by a car. TERRIFIED.  I do not ride unless I have someone to go with, 99% of the time it's Adam.  I think I've only ever gone on a longer ride by myself twice.  To help assuage my fears, I wear a RoadID.

It has my name, three emergency contacts (Adam and my parents) and their phone numbers.  I also have an inspirational quote ("Defy Gravity") from one of my favorite musicals and 'NKDA', which means No Known Drug Allergies.

RoadID isn't as known as it should. So I am trying to do my part to help.  If you stop to help someone, look for a colored band on their wrist, ankle, shoe or a dog tag style necklace.  It's a RoadID!  Use their name, if you're an EMT, know to look for it!  If you're a rider, runner or otherwise active, a RoadID is a great, easy way to keep ID on you when you're out and about being all active an healthy.

My apologies for the downer parts of this post, but I really feel that this is something that can save lives, and it has.  You just have to go to their site, www.roadid.com and read the emails they've gotten, or just Google around a bit!

I love my RoadID and I think you all should love your very own!  Go get one! They're not too expensive and it could save your life!


Disclaimer: I have owned a RoadID for almost 3 years and have been meaning to write this post for awhile.  I was given a kick start when I was randomly drawn in a RoadID giveaway this morning for voting for Levi Leipheimer in the Fans' Choice Rider of the Day yesterday for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge happening right now in Colorado.

These are my opinions of the RoadID Sport ID wrist bracelet, they were not paid for by RoadID or any of its subsidiaries.  Any review you read here will be my opinions and my opinion only.  And Adam might chime in sometimes too, but I will mark it accordingly.

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