Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, poo.

"Life is disappointing"

We went on our normal century training ride this morning.

"Woe is all I know!"

And my legs were really feeling yesterday's two hour work out.

"That's just how it goes"

And I was just getting into my stride when I felt a rock go under my front tire and then my back tire.

"Strife is never-ending"

And I felt it go, my back tire popped, I was pretty sure.  I asked Adam to look at my tire.  Yep. It's flat.

"Life is but a witch hunt"

We were kind of on a time crunch because Adam had to be back at a certain time to get to campus to go to a meeting.

A ride that promised to be great shot to hell.

So I sent Adam off to go get the car and come back and get me.  I sat in a ditch by the side of the road and played Blast Monkey on my phone.

While I sat there, several more cyclists happened passed.  Only one of them didn't say anything or ask if I was ok. Hmph!  Thanks to those who asked, though, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

One thing that kind of disappointed me was that not a single car stopped to ask if I was ok. Not one. I know that if I saw someone sitting in the ditch by the side of the road, even if they were sitting up, I'd still stop and see if they were ok.

As Stephanie from Full House used to say, "How Rude!"

I was really disappointed that our ride was cut short like that.  It had serious promise to be a rip-roaring good ride.  We were going to go further out on a road we haven't explored fully yet. Tomorrow's a rest day so Friday instead.  Keep on keepin' on!


The quotes from above are from Story of my Life from Shrek: The Musical, enjoy this video below!  You really should check out the whole recording, I run to the faster songs, and I belt to 'Morning Person' and 'I Know it's Today'

I went and saw this show with Courtney in February and loved it.  I highly recommend it

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