Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Procrastination Staaaation!

I'm a really great procrastinator.  When I was in college (it's so weird that I can say that now) I was the master at starting out with the best intentions toward a project or paper, then bam! It's the night before it's due, and I'm up til 3 am trying to finish it.

Funnily enough, I seemed to do my best work while up against that wall.  I am a master BS-er apparently.

But the real procrastination that kicks me is when I put off a work out.

Take yesterday afternoon for example.  I was feeling a little sleepy after lunch, in part because we were up early for Adam's appointment.  Even though I knew I should get up and go run, I fell asleep instead. Because I'm LAZY.

I still got my run in last night, but if I had run earlier, maybe I could have avoided the nausea that cut my run short.

Another problem I run up against is that the days are getting shorter, so if I wait to run (because I'm lazy) or we can't do our bike rides in the morning (because of conflicts), we run out of day light.  This is a problem. If you are asking yourself, "Why would this be a problem?"

Let me answer you, kind reader. Adam and I ride road bikes and a majority of the places we ride are on roads and we are averse to getting hit by a car.  We like living, it's a fun activity and we enjoy it.  So we try and ride whilst there is day light.  I also don't really enjoy swallowing bugs, and the likelihood of that happening increases in the dark.

Running after dark is a different story.  My only problem with running after dark is the stupid mosquitos.  I wish they would all die.  Scientists even say they are useless and could be wiped out.  We should do that.  Where was I? Right, running in the dark. I kind of like it.  It's cooler, I feel more confident for some reason.  Or maybe that's my training kicking in.  I don't know.

I need something to kick my butt off the couch when I am feeling procrastinatory. Suggestions?

What do you do to beat off the procrastinating faeries?

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