Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Vacaaaaaation!

Hellooooo!  I am back from 10 sandy and mostly sunny days at the beach from Hoeft State Park, the best State Park in Michigan.

My apologies to all who thought I may have disappeared for good this time, especially my new reader from Wide Lawns, Dawn.  (Hi Dawn!)  I didn't want to post that I was going on vacation as it didn't seem wise, but I have no qualms in telling you I have returned.  I would have posted that I was at least taking a hiatus from blogging, but the days leading up to our departure were rather hair-raising and didn't leave a whole lot of time for posting.

This vacation was particularly important to my family as we weren't sure that my mom would be with us for this one.  But we are very glad that she is and we can continue our family ritual of camping at Hoeft for 20 straight years, woo!

And a big kudos to a Mrs. Esther Gibbs who has been camping at Hoeft for 60 consecutive years.  They threw her a party :)

Alright, back to more regularly scheduled (and far more freckled) programming!

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