Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Riding My Bike is ALWAYS an Adventure

I write about biking a lot here at Fondant is Gross, which probably not what you expect from a blog that has a cake themed name.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling all that creative the night I founded this blog, or at least as far as coming up with something related to my name or something I was doing at the time. Now I think that I could call my blog Century, 5K and Jenny makes three or something else bizzare like that.  But I like my blog name and I'd like to think that having passion for what I write about will allow you to forgive me for having a misleading-ish blog title.

Anyway, the reason this post is titled as it is, is for at this moment, I am writing this post, sitting on a rock, under a tree somewhere on Stillman road in the greater Lansing area, hoping I don't get wet while I wait for Adam to come back and get me, because, in spectacular fashion, I have earned yet another flat, this time on the front wheel, instead of the back.

I'll be here awhile since it's going to take Adam at least a half hour to get back to the apartment and then another 10-15 to get back here.  But, the Blogger smartphone app allows me to add pics to this post from my phone, so, here are some lovely photos of my surroundings.

Oh, and not one car has stopped to see if I'm ok. Yeesh.  I did get one honk.

I forgot to mention it's raining also.


EDIT: I'm home, safe and warm now.  I didn't have enough data service to post on the road, so here it is anyway!

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