Thursday, August 18, 2011

I need to come up with more creative post titles....

Because some exciting things happened this week!

First, I had an interview for a job earlier this week.  Yay!!  I think it went really well and all of the people I interviewed with (there were 5) were really friendly.  The longer it went, the more relaxed I got.  I will know tomorrow, or the beginning of next week if I got it, fingers crossed!

Second, while I was getting ready for said interview, I put on my suit pants and zipped them up aaaaaand - THEY WERE TOO BIG!  Not a lot too big, but when I first got them, I could barely sit in them and now not only can I sit in them, but I can pull them out a good 2-3 inches from my abdomen while I'm standing!  Then I put on the blouse I bought about the same time, which I needed to safety pin closed in places.  It fit.  No safety pins needed!  WOO!!!

So this all happens before I weigh in, but I don't expect a loss this week because I haven't been tracking and I ate the rest of the marshmallows we had (only 6 P+, but still, BAD JENNY). My workout schedule has been all discombobulated too, various appointments and things have been forcing us to work out at night, which, as I emulated yesterday, the days are getting shorter.  And I've had various physical issues that get in the way of my running, so infuriating.  Yesterday I tried to go and do my 5K training run and not even half way through my chest started to hurt, like a band was constricting my lungs.  Not fun, even walking made it worse after the first 5 minute run section.  I felt better after laying flat on the couch for a while.  And eating dinner... mmmm... spaghetti....

Anyway, I go into the meeting today, preparing myself to see a maintained weight (stupid marshmallows), but WAIT! I step on the scale and watch the numbers do their dance. There's no two... Omigosh! It's that a seven?!  197.8!?  WOW! Then the receptionist asks if Amy (my meeting leader) can celebrate my 5 lb loss at the end of the meeting. I MADE MY 5 LBS?! Of course she can celebrate at the end of the meeting!

I am still going to jump back on the tracking train (choooochoooo!!! Hahahahahaha! Well, at least I make myself laugh.... and no, I'm not drunk) because I know tracking works, and I'm going to do my best to work through the physical limitations my body is throwing my way. I know I can do it, I've done it before.  I'd rather avoid a trip to the doctor, but if I have to go to be able to run the best 5K/ride the best century I can, then I will.

I hope to have more good news on the weight loss front next week too!

If you are on a weight loss journey, how was your week?  What will you change next week? If you've completed your journey and are maintaining, what did you do to get there and how did you do maintaining this week?  

Have a good week!

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