Friday, August 19, 2011

Odes to my Bike Shorts

In honor of the nearing school year, which I do not have to attend, I decided to write some haikus to my bike shorts.  Maybe if I am feeling a little crazy after I'm done, I'll throw an extra one on the end, about my running shoes!

Oh, my tight shorts they
made me look, feel fat at the
start. Now I look smart

Oooh, that one was terrible.  My apologies.

AH! The stink you give
When it's been days since last wash
Is terrifying

Really, the smell is something awful, blech!

Running in bike shorts,
not what they're for. But they keep
you running, anyway.

That last one's not quite a haiku, since the last line has six syllables instead of five, but my brain hurts from the coding I've been doing, And I haven't written poetry in awhile, so I'm rusty.

But I hope they made you laugh all the same!

One last one, about my running shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes, running
puts toes to sleep, til broken
in well. 5K soon.

Bdyah bdyah bdayh, That's all folks!


Sarah @ ExPat Bride said...

I like the last one! I thought it was just me that my toes fell asleep when I run!

Jenny said...

@Sarah @ ExPat Bride You are not alone (and I'm so glad I'm not the only one)! They also fall asleep when I ride sometimes, but much less more recently.