Thursday, November 18, 2010

Exhaustion Tears

Have you ever been so tired that you are barely functioning and the ability to catch up on your sleep is totally out of your control?

Yeah, that was me last week during Into the Woods.  It hit me the hardest Friday morning after our 2am photo call end time Thursday night.  By the time I got home and in bed it was almost 3 and I had to get up early-ish to ride my bike to my 10a class because Adam had to take the car to Lansing that day.

The part that "broke" me was when I had eaten breakfast and was all ready to walk out the door to ride to class and Adam simply said, "Where are you going?  I'll drop you off, sorry I forgot to tell you."

On my normally functioning brain, that wouldn't normally be a big deal, I would just continue with my bike ride so I would have a way to get home quickly after class.  Instead, my sleep deprived brain had a week's worth of exhaustion and being presented with this choice/decision to make, no matter how small, made my brain OVERLOAD.  I just crumpled in our "foyer" and just started crying. I cried for a good 15 minutes.  Nothing bad happened to me, I just started bawling exhaustion tears.  Adam was baffled, of course, but he did the right thing.  He just let me cry, held me and gave me tissues

I felt so much better after I cried.  I was on edge still much of the rest of the day, but I was able to function without fear of bursting into tears in the middle of class.  Then I took a nap after class and that helped a lot too.

Don't discount the therapeutic effect of a good cry!


Aubrey LeeAnn said...

Oh honey, I completely understand! It's nice to have a man in your life who does exactly the right thing--even when it is just the result of not really knowing what to do. ^_^

Father said...

Hmmm, I think I have been witness to that.

Katri said...

I am the weepiest person in Northern Europe and even worse when I'm tired, so I totally understand. What better way to scare and confuse the people in our lives!

Jenny said...

@Father It wouldn't surprise me, this is not the first time that this has gone down.

Anonymous said...

Totally happened to me. I cry all the damn time, especially when I'm exhausted.
He's such a good husband!