Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 7: Someone who has made your life worth living for

Me. I make my life worth living!

I know that's pretty conceited, but it's true. With out me wanting to be here, I wouldn't be here.

There are, however, people who enrich my life and make my life more interesting. My Mom and Dad, my brothers, my in-laws, my extended family and my friends, especially the ones who are closest to me!

You're probably thinking, I mentioned my in-laws but not my husband - awkward! But Adam enriches my life beyond any of the others and he deserves special mention. *SAP ALERT!* I love him, he is my best friend, he knows me better than anyone (except me) and he is my partner in crime.  I see him more than I see anyone else and I cannot imagine my life without him.

And of course, without my parents I wouldn't be the person I am today.  They helped me learn and have encouraged me through out my entire life.  I am an independent, intelligent person because I was raised by them.   I credit my love of reading, music and so many other things I couldn't possibly think of them all!  My parents are amazing, even though I didn't always think they were when I was a teenager.  (Who doesn't think that in their teens?!)

My brothers are also pretty awesome.  But they also annoy me a lot of times too.  I have high hopes for the both of them and I think they both have great futures ahead of them.

My friends are fantastic.  I can't possibly name all of them here, but I can't post this without mentioning Melissa, Courtney, Nicole and Lee.  These four ladies are phenomenal and make my life interesting - maybe a little more interesting than it needs to be :-)  A lot of people think that you have to have hundreds of people on your Facebook* or hundreds of people that you party with, to make your life worthwhile.  And maybe for those people, it does.  But I think that my life is richer and better because I have a few close friends that I can count on for anything.  People whom I can call at 3 am and have them be there for me.  Grouchy, yes, but there for me.

So, I hope that my life continues down the road it's on, even if the path it's on is not quite clear, because I have some pretty magnificent life companions. 

*I will state honestly that I have quite a few Facebook friends whom I am not in close contact.


LabGirl said...

I love how you put 'sap alert' in your posts every time you say anything about Adam!

Jenny said...

@LabGirl I know.... but so far everything that I have written about him has the potential to be considered "sappy" so I feel I should give warning, so no one gags...