Saturday, November 6, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 11: Something People Seem to Compliment You the Most on

Am I supposed to write about the external things compliment me on?  Or talents?  I suppose I could do both?

Well, I have been routinely told that I have beautiful eyes, so that is always nice to hear.  I like them, so I'm glad other people do too.  I also have recently been getting comments on how much thinner I look - which I also love!  And it's fun to joke and be "upset" and says something along the lines, "I looked fat before?!"  Ah, jokes....  I'm never serious about it when I say that, so please don't be all offended if I say that to you after you mention that to me.

As for other compliments, I have been complimented on my singing voice a lot recently, especially on my improvements since I took a vocal techniques class last semester.  I even have noticed how much better my projection is since I took that class.  Which is great, because I love to sing, and, obviously, I want to keep getting better at it!  I also have been getting some compliments on my improv abilities as of late, which I also appreciate, because I have felt a little apprehensive in that area.

I am loving my classes this semester, even though I have several "performance" classes, and it's been a little crazy at times trying to remember all of my lines (see Just Shoot Me),  I have been having a blast.  I have learned so much this semester, become much more confident in my abilities and I am looking forward SO much to my future opportunities. :D

P.S. Please remember to support The Williamston Theatre and vote for them to get the $50,000 grant!

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