Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Shoot Me.

You know that scene that I said I was performing today?

Well, it went GREAT. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

I felt like I was really embodying the character and it was going really well. Until I got to the line, "I've got a feeling that this isn't a part of your routine."

And I blank, just completely forget that line. Crap. Crap. Crap. I feel like using stronger curse words, but I want my cousins to be able to read this, if they so choose... Use your best blue streak words for me, you can guarantee I was right after the scene. And in my head as I write this post. I wanted to cry.

I know that my professor won't mark my partner down for my eff up. But my problem is that I had that down before class, cold. We ran lines twice right before we performed and ZERO problems. Geez.

I really wanted to just knock this scene out of the park. Not just because this is Acting 2 - but because I wanted to prove something to myself with the type of scene that we did. Funnily enough the part I probably could have screwed up or had problems with, I didn't.

And this post sucks.

I'm going to class now.

P.S. On the other hand, singing in Capstone went really well and I feel MUCH better.


Anonymous said...

Taking a step away from the problem that arose...
I felt that you did fantastic in the scene. You did embody the character and I was so excited during your performance to tell you how well you did! You were a little distracted, though. And rightly so. Hah. That rhymed.
Anyway, I guess I could give you the cliche "people blank all the time" because it's true, but I'd rather compliment you. You're scene was amazing, and everyone could tell how much work you put into your character after your workshop. Even during my rehearsal for my scene, Chelsea and Tessa said that you were fantastic, so it's not just me with my bias. They really enjoyed it.

Jenny said...

@mrhatz Thanks Chelsey, that all really makes me feel a lot better :)