Friday, October 29, 2010

LOL, no srsly!


How many times per day do you see that acronym? Think about that for a minute. 10, 15, 50?

LOL no longer means laugh out loud. You may think it does, but it doesn't. Nope. You may think, well, what does it mean? Lots of love? No. Not that either.

LOL now means: "awkward pause, I have nothing else to say." It goes at the end of something that could not even come close to being funny. It's not a response to something funny anymore either, it is a lame way to fill internet "silences".

What is it that makes all humans want to fill silences, internet or otherwise? Sometimes, quiet is nice. Sitting at the kitchen table with nothing other than a cup of tea (or cider, now that fall has decided to show its cold, rainy face) and your own thoughts. It's calming and centering. Life is so hectic, especially during the school year, it's nice to take a break and not do anything but sit there and enjoy the silence. You don't even have to think about anything - just sit there!

Don't sleep and try and say you get the same results. You don't. The peace from a restful sleep is definitely not the same. Sure, you are rested, but are you centered? Maybe if you're the Dalai Lama, but he gets up at 4 am to meditate anyway.

When is the last time you took a 'time-out' and took care of yourself? Let the stress go and enjoy the quiet? I know that for a lot of college students, college is time to study hard and party harder. But what do those things get you? The Freshman Fifteen, hungover and flunking. Not that taking a second to breathe is going to get you an A, but if your brain isn't going top speed 18 hours a day, you might find that you have room for that crazy stuff your professors drone on about.

And if you stop using LOL, you'll stop sounding like a valley girl.

LOL, like totally! *head tilt*

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Aubrey LeeAnn said...

Oh girl, I cannot tell you how happy this post makes me! I very much so do not like 'text speak', but it makes me even more upset when it is used so flippantly. But, then again, what more can we expect from a generation that spends more time texting and chatting then having actual face-to-face conversations?