Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am not dead!

I am just incredible busy right now!  I am on costume crew for Into the Woods, which is in it's show week and opens tonight.  In addition to it being my favoritest musical EVER, I am helping with two different people's quick changes.  Thank goodness we had an extra night to practice one of them, he has a quick change at one point that has to be under 10 seconds.  We do it in 8.4 seconds.  Oh, yeah, we're awesome!

The show opens tonight and runs through Sunday.  Tonight through Saturday at 7:30p and 2:00p on Sunday.  Come see it and get your tickets soon, don't wait to get them at the door, the fall musical usually sells out.

So, when my life returns to a slightly more normal and less disastrous state of insanity (e.g.: Monday) I will blog more regularly again.

Also, did you watch Glee last night?  I just finished it this morning.  HOLY CRAP!  I was NOT expecting a lot of things!

And: don't forget to vote for Williamston Theatre for the Pepsi Refresh Grant!

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