Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whew! What. A. Weekend.

So as I posted on Friday, I had a very busy couple days!

Friday had several things go down that I will emulate in later posts, but for now, the weekend.

Friday afternoon, my brothers, Matt and Zack, and my friends Melissa, Courtney and her sister Jess descended on our apartment to help us pack up and move to East Lansing, which we have now done.

After complications in renting the truck because our credit card number was stolen, we started the long process of packing.  We got a 16 foot truck and there was some concern of whether or not all of our crap that we have accumulated would fit.  We have a lot of crap.

We had originally planned to leave out our bed, and the futons til last so our movers would have a place to sleep.  But, once we assessed the size of the truck, we decided that we couldn't wait to put those in.  So, we all slept on the floor.

Thanks to my neurosis, I had to stop carrying things to the truck and stay inside and pack more.  I would look around the apartment and then look at the truck and then look around the apartment and then look at the truck and start to wig out because I didn't think it would all fit.

Then super-packer Zack took over in the truck and he kicked some serious ass and it fit.  I don't know how he did it, but he did, THANK GOODNESS!!

We are still driving back up to Mount Pleasant today to finish cleaning the apartment, vacuum, clean the bathroom, etc.  And to get our bikes.  Since we had such lovely weather on Saturday (read: awful, cold and rainy) we left the bikes so they wouldn't get wet, so we have to get those too.

It was the most fun I've had moving though.  After we finished loading most of the apartment Friday night we went to Doozie's for ice cream and played X-BOX.

Saturday we finished loading in the rain, and drove to chilly EL to unload quickly and return the truck.  The truck leaked and soaked our mattress, which kind of sucks, but we turned fans on it immediately and it dried pretty quickly.  My brothers stayed with us Saturday so we played Nazi Zombies, they played NHL 2K10 and just hung out which was really nice, Adam and I hadn't hung out with Matt for longer than a couple hours in a long time, it was nice.

My parents came by Sunday to pick up the boys and head home and we had lunch at the Harrison Roadhouse (Roadhouse!) and then Adam and I went to an indoor BBQ for some of his colleagues who just graduated with their PhDs for dinner.

Busy weekend, lots of fun.  And a lot of stuff.  We are going to unpack with garbage and donation bags in hand.  This picture is just the closet in the second bedroom - Egads!

And now: job search.

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