Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Work Out Plan!

As you know, I have been following the Get Fit by Memorial Day Work Out Plan at  Though I question their idea of real beauty if they have a picture of an obviously unhealthily skinny woman next to an article on bathing suit bodies.  I mean, she has to be anorexic to be that skinny.  I could count her ribs.


This post requires a little back story.

The summer before I started college full time, I got a job at Ferris State University working for the best boss in the world.  This best boss in the world, Debby, allowed me to work from 7:30a-3:30p so I could change and walk over to the Student Recreation Center not far from the office to work out for an hour or so before my Dad got out of work and come pick me up.  (We were carpooling to and from work together.)  I did this five days a week all summer.  I lost 50 lbs.  I loved how I felt, looked and how healthy I was.

How did I do it?!  I cut down on my snacking and followed this work out plan, every day, Monday through Friday:

-Stretch and do my abdominal work and as many push ups as I could muster.
-Run a mile as fast and as hard as I could on an elliptical machine.  My knees aren't the best.
-Do whatever machines fit my fancy that day, but generally, I would do arm machines and a lot of thigh machines, adductors/abductors especially.
-Free Weights working the triceps a lot.
-Walk around the track a few times to cool down.

That worked very well.  Obviously, or I wouldn't have lost that weight.

But then tragedy struck!  I met my future husband, who has the metabolism of a lightening bolt.  I stopped going to the gym after we started getting serious.  I chose to go to class, work, pep band and spend time with Adam, than go work out.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Shame on me!

I have decided that because it is summer, it is time to go back to this tried an true work out routine, with a tweak.  And of course, continuing with eating on the Weight Watchers plan.

There are very few machines in the Community Center Fitness Room in our apartment complex, but here is my plan.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go in the morning to the gym and follow the plan I followed 6 summers ago.  Except: I do every machine in the room, instead of just the ones I feel like because there are so few.  I also copied and pasted all of the Upper Body and Lower Body Circuit Work Outs from and organized them into a chart that I take with me to the gym.  I take the free weight set that I have with me also, because they don't have any free weights there.

I also decided to run for 10 minutes as fast as I can, the elliptical machines here are not calibrated properly.  There is no possible way that I ran a mile in 3 minutes.  Sorry, no.  It also told me I was running 13.1 mph. Um. no.  And the other one tells me that I don't go any faster than 2 mph at any given time no matter how fast or slow I go.

-Walk to the Fitness Center for warm up
-Stretch and abdominal work outs
-10 minutes as fast as I can on the elliptical
-Circuit Work Out.  Upper Body Mondays, Lower Body Wednesdays and Full Body Fridays.
-Every machine in the room.
-Walking back to my apartment for cool down.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I take a yoga class.  Which is amazing.  More about that later.

This week is the first week of this plan.  And so far, I love it.  I sweat like crazy.  Yesterday, I felt like I had just climbed out of a lake.  And the weird thing is, that despite my intense work out, I am not sore at all today.  Not that I want to be sore, but I would expect that when I work that hard, then my muscles would be stiff the next day, or sore when I use them.

You can follow the circuit plan if you would like, I have made the chart sheets available online for you.  It will automatically download when you click on it.  Merry Christmas to you, my followers!

I look forward to doing this all summer, and beyond.  AH!  Keep me updated on your progress too!

And tomorrow night?  I start a belly dancing class: EXCITED!

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