Sunday, May 8, 2011


I walked in my Bachelor of Science degree ceremony at 5pm on Saturday.

I am no longer a CMU student, but a CMU alum.

I feel no different.

I have lived my life based on semesters for twenty years, ever since I started pre-school.  Maybe 21 years, I don't remember when I started pre-school.

I don't know how to live without that kind of structure.

I'm sure I'll figure it out, but first I have to pack up my life and my husband and move to Lansing.

Then I have to find a job.  Or jobs.

And then I have to throw a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, be in a wedding and then turn 24.  I also want to plant a garden after we move.  And find a house.  And go camping sometime this summer.

I'd also like to root the Red Wings on to their 12th Stanley Cup.

We'll see.

Until then, graduation was an experience, nothing different than I've done before, however I do wish that Kat and I had been able to walk with our other classmates at the 1:30p ceremony instead.  But we had a good time anyway.

And I got to see my Mom stand and be recognized as being my Mom at the ceremony.  And I am so, so glad that she could be there with only a walking stick.  I love you, Mom!

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