Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Yoga Class Experience

For my first class of Beginner Vinyasa Yoga, I went to Ombodies Yoga Studio over on Main Street in Mount Pleasant.

I went to a solstice meditation with Adam and my momma-in-law in December at Joy Tree Yoga in Big Rapids, and that was very, very relaxing and a nice introduction into the group yoga sessions.  Prior, I had only ever done yoga at home with a DVD.  And the current work out plan I am following suggested I go to a Vinyasa Yoga class last Friday.  So I did.

I had a wonderful time!

I figured that I would enjoy it, but I had a little nagging voice in the back of my head.  I proved that voice wrong though!

We went through Warrior 1, 2 and 3 with Vinyasa flows in the midst.  I really enjoyed it.  My arms were shaking and my quads were a little weak by the end and I was sweating like crazy.  I LOVED it.  I fully plan to make it a part of my weekly workout routine.  At the very end when we were coming back into our breathing, etc, our yogi came around and put oil (at least, it felt like oil, it made my feet soft!) on the tops of our feet and the middle of the arch of our feet.  It startled me at first, being my first Vinyasa class, but it felt nice and even as I was feeling very tired from the work out, I was very relaxed and centered.

I would highly recommend yoga and my sister-in-law just raves about the Hot Yoga classes she goes to in Grand Rapids.

I asked my Yogi in Mount Pleasant to recommend a studio down in Lansing and she said that if I can get into the classes on campus to do that because they are great (that's a quote) and she recommended another studio that I am going to go to a class later this week.

I'd like to get a multi-class pass, but to do that I need to find a job first.  Another post, another time.

But, regardless of where you are in your fitness, check out yoga, any place you go should have beginners classes, and I am sure that they would be more than willing to talk to you and help you figure out what class, or classes, are for you.



hann said...

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Jenny said...

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