Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let Me Introduce You to Someone Awesome....

With Mother's Day coming up the day after graduation and both my Mommy and my Mommy-In-Law coming here for graduation, we decided to celebrate Momma's Day on Saturday as well as graduation.

Normally, we don't do cakes for Mother's Day, but with the insanity of the last 4 months, we felt that Mother's Day this year deserved a cake.  Or seven.  And I, of course, would make them, because I LOVE to bake things.

Now, we didn't decide to celebrate Mother's Day the same day as graduation until this past weekend.  Which meant, oh snap!  I can't give my Mom a cake and not my Mom-In-Law!  So I have to make 2 cakes.  By Saturday.

I only have one designed, what do I do!?

I did some quick thinking about my Mother-In-Law, what does she like? What are her favorite things?  Bingo.  I had a theme in mind.  I thought about free handing the design on a sheet cake, but with the short time frame, I'd probably end up throwing the cake out the window in frustration.

Then I had a stroke of PURE and UTTER GENIUS.

Special Pan.

Why didn't I think of it before?!

So, I went to my trusty stand-by,  But alas, despite their amazing baking supplies and other craftiness, they did not have the exact pan I need.  They had specialty pans that were close, and I could modify in a pinch, but I really wanted to try and find the type of pan I needed.

Enter: Google.

I search for what I need, finding pans in the right category, but not quite what I need.  I even found a cookie cutter that I almost fell off the couch in excitement when I saw it.  Until I realized it was a cookie cutter.  Cute, but useless in this case.

But finally, finally!  I find a website for a store in Philadelphia: Fante's.

They have the pan I need.


They also have a bunch of other sweet baking stuff.  Go check it out!!!

I placed an order, asked for priority shipping and wrote a note saying I needed it by Friday in the notes section.  I also put my phone number in too, just to help speed up the process, if they need anything.

My phone rings two hours later.  It's Fante's.  They needed to clarify information, so I clarified what they needed and before we hung up, he told me that they saw my note about needing it by Friday and that they would ship it today so I would have it Friday.

I will reserve full judgement for later this week, but right now -

That's some customer service.


Deb said...

Thanks for the link to It's a real find with lots of cooking goodies.

Jenny said...

@Deb No problem! I wish I had more money to spend right now... but I guess I'll wait til I have a silly thing, like a job.... :D

Thanks for your help fixing the comments!

Rachael said...

Oh yes, I've heard great things about them! I totally forgot to check there when i needed a five-sided cake pan. I should go look! Thanks for the reminder!

Jenny said...

@Rachael Glad to help. My pan didn't get here today though. I hope I have time to do the cake before celebrations at 2pm!!