Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Weigh In - 5/27/11

Starting Weight: 200.6 lbs
Ending Weight: 199.4 lbs
Total Change: -1.2 lbs

Exercise Week

I haven't explicitly said this during these posts, but in the sense of full disclosure, I do not go to the gym on the weekend.  Any exercise I get is an outdoor activity with my family and/or my hubby.

Monday Adam and I went to the service center of our apartment complex to fill out paperwork to be allowed to use the gym facilities on the premises.  After a long debate which involves the fact that I have to get an MSU affiliate ID to be able to use the gym, I was allowed an exception, this time, to be able to use the gym without an MSU ID.  This place is really getting on my nerves and I will write about the continuing saga that is living here later.

I worked out for an hour, ran for 10 minutes, did every machine, every way possible (there aren't many) and did 3 sets of 10 (3x10) of everything.  I also did some core work and a lower body circuit from the previous work out plan I was following.  And stretching. Stretching is important.  I was jelly by the end, and I will probably be sore on Tuesday. Ouchie.  But Tuesday is YOGA DAY! YAY!!!

Tuesday was yoga day!  At the community center here in our complex, they offer some classes, including YOGA.  YES!  Yoga is offered in the evenings from 7:30-8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All summer.  For $20. Excellent.  It was amazing!  The teacher is of the same teaching background as the Ombodies Studio in Mount Pleasant.  I love it.  I am so glad I get to spend two hours a week doing this!!  And I fully plan to continue to do it beyond this summer too.  Love it.  When I am in yoga class, I am so focused, everything melts away.  I wish like crazy that I had sought out a class sooner instead of doing the DVDs at home.  Love. It.

Wednesday I went to the gym again in the morning.  I'm allowed to do that for the month of June so we have time to find our marriage license which, is in a hidden box somewhere.  Why would I need my marriage license to be allow to use the gym, you might ask? Because our wedding rings, the fact that I am listed on the application for our apartment as his spouse, and the fact that I HAVE HIS LAST NAME aren't enough.  Argh.

Anyway,  I worked out and the longer I went, the better I felt.  And I was wiped by the end of the work out.  Whew. If you want to read about how I structure my work outs go here.

Thursday: yoga day again!  As you can tell from my post last night, yoga was amazing.  I love it.  I am never going without it again, ever, if I can help it.  Wonderful.  Spectacular. Awesome. I love yoga.

Friday I hit the gym in the am again.  Full Body Circuit today along with cardio, all of the machines in the fitness center and abdominal exercises/stretching.  Good work out, tired and felt like jelly by the end!

I'm going to check out a belly dancing class tonight, I'm a little nervous, but excited.  I'll let you know how it goes and if I am going to keep doing it past this week.

Eating Week

Friday, Saturday and Sunday  did not track points.  We went home to celebrate my Dad's and my birthdays.  So points wise it was an expensive weekend.  Cake all around.  Ouch.  I don't want to think about it.  But I did practice moderation, even if I didn't count the points.

Monday I tracked very well.  I am still working on getting all my veggies in every day.  Also, Gomtang noodles: Delicious.

Tuesday I did excellent with the tracking!!  I tracked everything I put in my mouth.  I got my water in, still not all my veggies though.  We really need to go grocery shopping.  Really, really need to go shopping.

Wednesday I tracked right through to the end.  And again, I failed to get all my veggies/fruits in.  But Adam and I went grocery shopping tonight and got celery (and Schuler's cheese, YUM), watermelon and light veggie dip (for carrots that we already have).  They didn't have the Fat Free Marzetti's Ranch Veggie Dip.  I had 18 points left for dinner and we went out to dinner with my momma-in-law (who is in town this week for training) at Sophia's House of Pancakes in Grand Ledge.  Yummy.  I had Apple Cinnamon French Toast.  It was SO GOOD.  If you're ever in the area and want a local eatery to go to, go there. Delicious.

Thursday: I got all of my fruits and veggies in!! YAY!  Since that is all I had for lunch, I got them all in in one meal.  Yuuuuuuuummmmmmm....  I tracked everything I ate, got all of my water in. All food groups and healthy checks here and accounted for. Wondermous!  

All in all the week was a success!  Let's hope that I continue to be successful past this week and FINALLY get out of this damn plateau.  On Wednesday I will be saving a lot of points for later in the day, because it's Courtney's Bachelorette Party, woo!!!  I have several events this week that necessitate saving points, oh dear!  Sunday is my birthday and Adam and I will be celebrating by doing various things, including a trip to Olive Garden (I love the food there, so good...) and Monday my parents and brothers are coming down to celebrate and we're going to BD's Mongolian BBQ.  That place is so amazing......  Make your own stir fry............ ooooooooohhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh.......  Oh, and before you just die of curiousity, I'll be turning 24 on Sunday, weee!!!  Next year I get a new license and picture!  Which will hopefully be a picture of a fabulous at weight me. :)


Side Note: I changed how I explain my weeks.  Here is why: I track exercise Monday-Friday because I want to post this immediately after my workouts on Friday.  Convenience is the only reason I do it that way.  I track my eating habits on here from Friday to Thursday because my weigh in day is on Friday, so my points reset on Fridays and I like continuity.  So now you know. ('Cause it's Miiiiike's super short show!  .........Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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