Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music and Obsession

I love music.  I want to have all the music in the world.  I am also an incredibly indecisive person at times.  Which can be a bad thing.  Because in the case of indecisiveness about music means I NEVER KNOW WHAT I WILL WANT TO LISTEN TO.  Which also means that I have to predict what I want to listen to before I leave the apartment every day.  HA!  Not likely.  And I have waaaaay too much music to fit on my phone, or even my phone and the nano I've had for like 8 years.

So, I began looking at iPod touches because those are pretty sweet looking and have some pretty cool apps.  I first looked at Amazon because we all know, I LOVE Amazon....  then at B&H Photography and then I went to the beast itself:  DUN DUN DUN!!!  And this is what I found:

I didn't even know they were still making the classic iPod!  It makes me happy though, because a 160GB classic iPod costs about the same as an 8GB iPod Touch.  Same price, 20x the memory!  Weird thing to be excited about, I know.  But! This means, to my indecisive mind, that I can put any and all music I could ever possibly want to listen to any given day on it!  And probably any music I would ever want to listen to in an entire year too.....

Unfortunately, I won't be able to afford such an awesome use of space for a little while.  So, SANTA!  If you happen to stumble across this and decide to get this for me, I'd really appreciate it! It's on my wish list on Amazon and everything!

I believe in Santa Claus, I DO I DO!

And if Santa fails me, hopefully I can win the Wish and Win Sweepstakes that Amazon is having right now.  $100,000 shopping spree is the prize.  But I highly doubt that will happen, Amazon has what, 80 billion customers world wide?  Although, to win a contest of that size would be pretty cool, not going to lie!  If I won, I would buy my iPod, then I would buy some coats and toys for kids.  Probably more coats than toys, since it is hard to enjoy toys if you are cold. 

Right, well, because of my own internet-induced ADD this post has taken forever to write.  So, I'm done now.  Those of you who aren't quite done with the semester yet, you got this, good luck on your exams!!


Katri said...

Ha, I keep seeing those iPod Touches in shops and wondering who pays that much for so little space! I love Bert, my 80GB iPod Classic, and will cry for days if it ever stops working.

Jenny said...

@KatriI would be happy with an 80GB one, but they only sell the 160GB at Apple now, and I want to make sure I have one that will work for a really long time, so even a refurbished one from a certified re-saler would be fine!! GAH! I just want all of my music forever.....