Friday, December 31, 2010

Learn to Play Piano!

For Christmas I asked for some sheet music because I love to sing and I wanted more sheet music to sing and play.

One problem: I don't know how to play piano.  Not even a little bit.  Or, at least, I didn't.

I found this site, Zebra Keys.  It's a free site that teaches you how to play piano, read the clefs, etc.  As a person who has no idea how to read bass clef or play the piano, I can't tell you that it's the best thing ever, but it has helped me a lot already!

It starts out talking about the layout of the piano and musical notations and then has five lessons in each Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  The lessons are 1) Learn Songs, 2) Chords, 3) Music Theory, 4) Improvisation and 5) Technique.

I'm enjoying myself and I am slowly, very slowly, learning to read bass clef.  I feel like I am in sixth grade again, just starting to learn to play flute and read treble clef.  Oy vey!  But I am hoping with time and LOTS of practice, I will be able to play the music I sing all the time!

I just got, courtesy of my wonderful husband, the following sheet muzak:

I also have had this one for awhile.  I lost it for about a month, and I was sad.  But I found it again! YAY!

I need to get some easier music to practice on, but for now I will practice my ass off with what I have.  If any of my wonderful friends have some beginner sheet music that I can borrow, I would love you forever!

P.S. Has anyone seen my Vocal Techniques book?  I haven't seen it since our music day in Senior Capstone....  It's Foundations in Singing by John Glenn Paton and looks like this:

I miss it and I need it!  I still have the CD set, but I can't find the actual book.  Sad Panda! :'(


LabGirl said...

That is so cool! I wanna hear you sing and play!

Jenny said...

@LabGirl I can do that! ...As long as you like London Bridge, Frere Jacques and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!