Friday, December 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 27: What’s the Best Thing Going for You Right Now?

I don't particularly understand what the question wants to hear....  so the best thing going for me right now is the end of the semester, I suppose.  It's going to be amazing when the semester ends!  I won't have any school work and I won't be insanely busy for the first time in 16 weeks.  21 credits is murder!  But I have managed very well all semester.  I don't know how, but apparently I'm pretty good at time management, that's good to know. 

I am hoping to 4.0 this semester for the first time in my college career, and I have been working my ass off trying to make that happen.  Unfortunately one class looks to be standing in my way, with an A- (if I get 100% on the two remaining papers that haven't been graded yet, the final and all the participation points) and that is Musical Theatre History.  Damn it.  I know that a semester 3.9 is nothing to be ashamed of and I would be ecstatic under normal circumstances, but to get so close and fall that tiny bit short is hard.

But soon, a new semester will be upon us and I will have a shot again at a 4.0 semester and only 18 credits to contend with instead of 21.

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Aubrey LeeAnn said...

18 credits next semester!?! 21 right now!?! How to you have time to sleep, eat, breathe, let alone get a 4.0 (or a 3.9)? Hats off to you, Jenny!