Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gotta Love That Feeling....

With the onset of exam week (which I am totally prepared for - I love not freaking out about finals!) I have time once again to finally get back on a regular schedule for P90X!  Everyman is done with rehearsals until the Monday that classes start back up which is good for break, but I'll miss everyone and I hope we all remember the great progress we made the last few weeks.  And, when classes start up again, I will be able to workout at 8a every day, because my classes start so late in the day and I'll have enough free time in the morning to be able to workout, shower and eat!

With everything stopping like this for the end of the semester, it seems to be a parting of the waters - so to speak - for me to finally be rested enough/awake enough/have enough time to be able to finish the P90X cycle I was on before the semester started moving faster than the speed of light.  So, last night I adjusted my P90X tracking sheet dates and popped in Core Synergistics X.  I was pleasantly surprised that after almost a month of not doing the work outs six days a week that I had only lost a little of my progress - I have never been good at push ups anyway.  I think that part of it is that Everyman is physically demanding enough that I was able to kind of maintain my progress.

I worked out hard and I didn't do the bonus round, which may have killed me if I tried it last night.  I also don't do superman/banana (I don't feel that AT ALL) or the Dreya Roll (I physically can't do that yet, but I'm working on it) but this morning when I woke up and moved to go to the bathroom, I knew I had done it right.  I could list all the muscles that are sore when I move, but with my prior knowledge of all the muscles, I would be listing them for days.

In a little side note, Adam and I are celebrating our own Christmas a little early this year, since we will be visiting family on the actual holiday.  So on Sunday (our one year anniversary - holy crap!) we're spending the day together ignoring the world and we'll open our Christmas gifts from each other that day too.  But! We both got to open one early because I couldn't wait for him to open one of the things I got him.  And last night I got to open one and now I have heavier hand weights for my P90X - WOO!  I had 2 lb weights prior and that was NOT heavy enough.  So now I have 5 lb Valeo Hand Weights and I'll talk about those after I use them the first time, I didn't open them until after I had already done my work out.

So, to wrap up a completely random post: it's exam week and I'm ready for it, Everyman is on break until classes start again and the rehearsals are physically demanding, I have time and have started doing P90X again, I have 5 lb weights now, Our one year anniversary is on Sunday and we're having our own Christmas at home before we visit family.

I think that's everything....

Go vote for The Williamston Theatre on the Pepsi Refresh Project!  I thought the other day was the last day for voting, but I think it was just for that cycle....  I'm not sure.  Go VOTE!


honeybearbaby said...

Good luck and good job on the exercise! I just started your blog, so I'm not exactly sure what sort of workout routine you are doing, but I do know how hard it was for me to start exercising.

I wish Christmas was here already, I am very excited. My hubby keeps saying he got me lots of awesome stuff which isn't helping me be patient. I got him lots of lovely things as well. Merry Christmas!!!

Jenny said...

@honeybearbaby Thanks, I am doing P90X, if you want to look into it more, www.teambeachbody.com

Merry Christmas to you too!