Saturday, December 4, 2010

It Works! It Really Does!

As those of you who follow Weight Watchers® know, they just unveiled their PointsPlus™system, the biggest change in their system in 13 years.  And those of you who read my blog know that I have not actually attended a meeting in person in several months, but I was still trying to follow the plan on my own.

Well, with this change, that has become impossible (the following the plan on my own, not the attending the meetings, my schedule is what prevents THAT.)  Even though I wasn't going to meetings, I was still on the Weight Watchers® mailing list.  With their new unveiling they were running a special that you could either do a month of meetings for $50 or 3 months online for the same.  So, duh, I did three months of online, way better value, so I could get a handle on the new program.

So far, these are the changes: The old system for weekly food points was based on Calories, Fat and Fiber.  The new system is based on Fat, Carbs, Protein and Fiber.  The activity points still look at the same things, activity length and intensity, but I am NOT a math whiz, so I don't know how it's different on the inside.  You also get more Daily Points and I think that the extra Weekly Allowance is tailored to you.  For example, I now get 32 points a day and 49 points for a Weekly Allowance, instead of the 26 and 35, respectively, I had before.

I also joined Fat Cyclist's campaign to lose 10 lbs by Christmas.

I am off to a good start.  Since Monday, when I re-joined Weight Watchers®, til today, I lost 3.2 lbs.  The first weigh in for Fat Cyclist's thing is Monday, so hopefully I will keep it up!  With that 3.2 lbs down, I hit my 10% loss again and I am at 25 lbs down (since Spring Break 2010).  WOO!  Of course Weight Watchers® is freaking out because it somehow got mixed up when I entered in my new starting weight.  I had just put in a guess when I re-signed up, because I was in Moore when I was doing it and not near my scale.  So when I deleted the original number and put in the actual weighed number it thought I had lost weight, even though the new number was higher and warned me about losing weight too fast.  So, when I weighed in this morning, it warned me again, thinking I had been consistently losing more than 2 lbs a week for more than five weeks.  Really confusing.  But don't worry, I'm being healthy about it, I ate all of my Daily Points every day and I ate most of my Weekly Allowance.  (I LOVE FRENCH SILK ICE CREAM!!! ...low fat, of course...and pie....with Cool Whip Free....)

Also, we decorated for Christmas, and I'll post a picture of that with some stuff about that too.  And the end of the school year will get its own post too.  And Everyman.  And P90X, when I restart that on Monday.

Right, well, yes, 3.2 lbs down, ~60* to go!

*That may change.  Depending on how happy I am when I get into the healthy weight range for my height, which is a 30 pound spread.  So, if I am happy with how I look and feel healthy at 140 or 150 or somewhere in between, then I will switch to maintaining.  A whole new monster - just in time for Courtney's Wedding in June!! :D

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