Tuesday, July 12, 2011


About a month ago I felt like pizza, but didn't feel like wasting a ton of points on fast food pizza.  So I did some hunting around for a whole wheat pizza crust that had great reviews.  Which, I found here

I have made it a few times since then, including making several batches and freezing them.  They are all so delicious.  So much so, I had to share.

First, make the dough, follow the directions closely!  This is the second rising of the thawing dough I made a few weeks ago.  You freeze it before the second rising, and then it'll rise the second time while it thaws.  Be sure to cover it with a damp cloth while it does this or the outer part of the dough will create a kind of a crust when it dries out.

Punch down the dough and spread into a pan or pans as thus. Then, spread your sauce of choice over the dough.  Ours is Chunky Ragu Green Pepper and Mushroom.  It is so good.   I know it's spaghetti sauce, but this stuff is ridiculously delicious.  Try it, I promise you won't be disappointed.  And, there's a serving of vegetables in every half cup of sauce!

You can see the dried out dough on the outer edges, because I didn't cover them with damp cloths. Blech.

Then comes the cheese.  I love cheese, so I use 2 cups of Mozzarella on each pizza.  Or at least two bags of two cups each is used, I may or may not eat some while making dinner....

Now I chop the veggies.  Which we use as our centerpiece until we use them.  Colorful and changes every week!

No, there aren't potatoes on our pizza, that's for a different recipe for this week.

And spread the yumminess on.

Bake it and enjoy!

I figured out the points per slice to be 2 PP for the crust and 1 PP for the sauce and cheese.  Low point and delicious!  Try it, so good.  If you add pepperonis to what we already have on the pizza, make it 4 PP per slice.

We love it so much that we're having the left overs for dinner tonight!

Then for dessert we had these rather scrumptious Pina Colada Cupcakes that I made a few days ago.  You can find the recipe here at skinnytaste.com by Gina.  

They are super easy to make and delicious.

Happy Dining!

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