Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is Strong? Century Training Days 2 & 3

Yesterday was day two of century training, and we rode brisk, instead of pace like we were supposed to.  It was a good ride, hard ride, but good.  I was toast at the end of it.  Trying to sustain a brisk pace while riding on rather hilly roads is not easy.  And then I went to yoga last night which was great!  We really worked our arms.

Then, today was day three of training.  Windy day today and so our speed wasn't quite what I wanted it to be.  We were supposed to ride at a brisk pace today, but we rode brisk yesterday on accident, oops.  So we were going to ride at pace, which is how fast we want to ride the actual century.  We did alright heading out, but we hit a nasty head wind on the road we take for a significant stretch to come back in.

Slowed us waaaay down. Suck.

But on a stretch of different road I got up to 27 mph, which isn't really sustainable for me yet, but it was fun!

The best part of our ride today though was when we pulled into our complex and rode past a group of kids who attend the day care that our complex provides.  They were all excited to see two bikes, it was so cute!  They started yelling and chattering excitedly, "Bikes, look bikes!"  "Hi Bikes!"

So adorable!

I hope it helps them want to keep riding, and to wear their helmets!

"Bye Bikes!"

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