Monday, July 11, 2011

Just look at our garden go!

We planted a garden for the first time this year, a little late because we didn't want to have to move it, and since we are still living in apartments, we can't really put stuff in the ground.

So we planted peas, beans, tomatoes (beefsteak, cherry and lemon boy), lettuce, onions (which died), garlic (which some lived), radishes (which died too), green bell peppers and cucumbers and my all-time favorite, watermelon!!

Our watermelon plant is massive, it was starting to grow up the fence and given how big watermelons get, we didn't think that would end well so we had to move it.  We spent some time uncurling the tendrils that had latched on to the fence and near by plants and moved it next to a brick wall so it wouldn't be able to grow up, only out.  And hopefully it doesn't take over the walk way, which may be hard to contain!

We went out to lunch with some friends and came back and whilst I was inspecting the plants, we have little beans and watermelons and pea blossoms!!  And lots of little tomatoes too.  I can't wait for our yummy homegrown veggies to ripen to eat!  We're not going to be able to eat all of them, so we'll be sharing with our neighbors who water our plants when we leave for an extended time, family and friends.  I will also be trying my hand at canning this year too.  Which reminds me, I need to see if I can borrow my Mom's pressure cooker.....

Canning should be an interesting adventure, which of course I will gladly share here!

Pictures of our yummy garden below!

Our garden, with the watermelon in the upper right corner!

 Garlic that Adam planted just 2 weeks ago!

Looking good cucumbers! 

Lemon Boy Tomatoes, I really wanted to plant Pear Tomatoes, those are like candy and so delicious!  But we couldn't find any in plant or seed form :-(

Green Bell Peppers! YUM!

Pea Flower...

Cherry 'maters

Beefsteak plants looking good!

Look at how big they are!

Tiny bean....


Lettuce, looking a little rough after the storms today...

And yummy, massive watermelon!  I can't wait for these, there are so many little buds and flowers!  We're going to have a TON! YAY!  Watermelon Pops for me all winter!

Are you growing a garden this year?  Whatcha growin'?  What are you most excited about?  Are you going to try any preservation methods to last longer that you hadn't tried before?  Let me know! Link up!


Mom Cox said...

Grandma Cox is the pressure cooker owner. I do have a hot water bath canner you can borrow. Mom

Jenny said...

@Mom Cox Thanks Mom!