Friday, July 8, 2011

An Open Letter to Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen and Matthew (the other announcer on the NBC All Access Pass)

Dear Messers Liggett, Sherwen and Matthew Announcer Guy,

Hi guys!  How's your experience at the Tour de France going? Well, I hope.  I just wanted to drop a line to you guys and say how much I enjoy listening to your commentary on the race, I really learn a lot.  You see, my husband and I are fairly new to the professional cycling world, we've been watching the Tour for four years now and we've become avid cyclists.

We love it here, it's a great place to be, active, fun, and highly entertaining.  I've found several blogs I like to read involving biking, including Fat Cyclist.  He's great, I've never met him in person, but he writes funny blog posts.

But, I digress.  Phil & Paul, without your commentary in past years and this year, the Tour experience just wouldn't be the same.  And Matthew, you are a welcome addition this year since where we live doesn't have VS so we hear your commentary before and after Paul and Phil go live on the All-Access Pass from NBC.  And you are all British, or at least sound that way, which is fantastic, I love a good accent.  I'm from Michigan (USA) and don't get to travel all that much yet, so I love hearing accents from around the world.

Because you are British you are seemingly pre-disposed to liking Mark Cavendish (I personally like Tyler Farrar much more), that's fine though, Cavendish's a great sprinter and an incredible athlete. But every time you talk about him, do you have to say all the versions of his nickname/birthplace?  I mean really!  He's from the Isle of Man, we get it!  And he can be kind of a jerk too sometimes, I know you probably feel the need to defend him, being a countryman and all, but sometimes, people are jerks and there are no excuses - which is unfortunate - I wish everyone could be nice all the time.

So, from your humble fans, please just say Cavendish's name once, we all know he's the Man from Manc.

Thanks, and keep the great commentary coming!


P.S.  He's not the only man on people's lips for this Tour, sorry.  I think a lot more people are concerned with the whole Schleck/Contador thing.  Not that it makes a difference, but I'm on Team Schleck.


Actual Cycling Fan said...

thanks for blogging your random complaints. Matthew Keenan is not british. he's australian... there IS a difference.

Sherwen was brought up and resides in Africa - though you are right he is of british heritage.

Cavendish has 17 stage wins in le tour. of course they are going to focus on him.... its great that farrar is there to challenge him... with what... 1 victory? they simple dont warrant equal air time.

i do agree though, they spend more time on the british teams/riders... though given it was initally a UK broadcast, which a US network bought rights to, i dont really think a US viewer can complain. at least you get some coverage.

i think the US teams like shack and BMC get plenty of coverage. I think the teams that miss out are the italian and spanish... but thats probably fair enough, their own networks will bring them that.

the Man from Manc? your right they do use nicknames... but i havent heard that one. Manx Missle? the Manxman, the rider from the Isle of Man...

it is a very small island, and for someone to be a professional athlete is rare. just as i have heard about the cyclist from Guadeloupe a number of times.... its interesting.

anyway, enjoy the rest of the tour. and dont worry, as the stages more toward the hills there will be a lot more coverage of the Schleck/Contador/Cadel battle.... at least you wont have to put up with them mentioning Bradley Wiggins any more?

Jenny said...

@Actual Cycling Fan First, my blog, I'll write what I want, deal with it.

Second, I'm not a super accent discerner, but I am well aware that Britain and Australia are two different countries, thanks.

Third, It's not that they talk about Cavendish, I believe I said that I thought he was a great athlete just conceited, and it's the number of times they say his name/nicknames while talking about him. Whenever the commentators say his name, they wind up saying all of the nicknames too, and multiple times. A bit excessive. And again, being my blog, I was sharing that I like Farrar. Did you even read the whole post or did you just pick a few bits to be an ass about?

Fourth, I like that it's a British broadcast and I mentioned that I like listening to Paul, Phil and Matthew. It again begs the question of whether you actually read it or not.

Fifth, Another point that asks if you actually read the post, Did I complain about the coverage the US teams get? No, I did not.

Sixth, how dare you suggest that I would be happy that I don't have to hear about Wiggins anymore? I happen to like Wiggins and I am NEVER happy to have a rider get hurt. But good attempt to try and make me seem like an Ugly American.

Also, one last thing, punctuation and grammar are great tools. Use them.