Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Google is Going to Take Over the World and No One Will Care

Google is amazing.  They have so many neat products and features.  You have one sign in name and you have ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!!!

Email, Blogger, Tasks, Reader, Calendar and a whole host of other great things that I haven't discovered yet!  I first switched to Gmail 5 1/2 years ago when Hotmail was being a ho-bag on a hectic day for me and I wanted to be able to email Adam.  So, I made the switch.  And much like other things Adam encouraged me to do, turned out to be a great thing.  And Google just keeps making it better!

After Gmail, I discovered Reader.  All the blogs I read in one place?! NO WAY!

After Reader, I believe I discovered iGoogle.  It was cool, and fun for awhile.  If I didn't have all the tabs I needed all the time open automatically when I open a browser I think I would like it more.  And for some reason, I just don't like having one particular page open every time I open a tab.  Home pages are stupid.  Unless it's on my browser on my phone, that is handy.

Then came Google Docs.  Even in its beta stages, I loved it.  I could share things with Adam and both of us could edit them!  When it came time for us to doing our Wedding Invite list we put it in Google Docs in a spreadsheet and shared it with our Moms.  And when RSVPs started coming in, anyone could check it off and everyone else could see who was coming!  We did a lot of wedding collaboration through Google Docs because everyone was living in a different city.

Then I discovered the wonderfulness of Google Calendar.  A superb planning tool that I did not full appreciate until I got the G1 and linked my phone to my Gmail account and I could have my calendar ANYWHERE in such a tiny wonderful package!  You can share your calendar with your friends and family - and there is a widget thing in the Labs for Calendar that lets you assess when everyone is free, which leads to pain free planning!

Blogger came into my life and I tried to blog anonymously for awhile, but I didn't like how I had to edit things to protect my anonymity and my friends, etc.  Of course, some names may be changed for the protection of the friends who prefer to remain not known by the blogosphere, but otherwise, writing here is so much easier!

Then, the wonderful Google Gadget that inspired this post appeared before me.  Google Tasks.  >angels sing here<  It seems so simple, but my life is ruled by the To-Do lists I make.  But I lose paper ones on the back of an envelope or even a piece of paper that is full size.  Because I spend so much time on campus it needs to be portable.  And I want to be able to get to it no matter what, computer or phone.  And all I have to do is log into Gmail, GCalendar or my phone. >angels sing again here<  On Monday, during my day off for MLK Jr. Day I was able to put all six syllabi for my classes in my To-Do list on Google Task.  I am super on things!  (I'll explain more of why I am in my next post)

The best part is that on my G1, everything is at my fingertips whenever I need it.  Of course there are times that I want to ignore technology and I do so willingly.  It's very relaxing to just unplug and ignore the world.  But without my To-Do lists during the semester, I get loopy and crazy (crazier) and approach non-functioning proportions.  Which is sad, but I have to be able to see the things I have to do, when they're due and sometimes specifically what needs to be done for example: the parameters of an assignment.  Google Tasks allows all of that.  My only complaint is that you can't share a task list.  I want to have a shopping list for groceries that Adam and I can share.  That'd be fantastic!  I'm not alone either, it has been suggested and I hope that Google is on that.  This is where the home page is handy, then I can go right to tasks when I fire up my browser on my phone, instead of waiting for an eternity for it to load.

To sum up the awesomeness of Google and why they can take over the world and no one would care, they have fantastic gadgets that are user friendly and easy to figure out.  They are reliable.  They listen to suggestions and they take care of the people who use their services.  As long as they continue to be a good company with sweet gadgets under one log in name, they are unstoppable.

And I am happy.

For those who want to know more of the Google Awesome, either sign up for an account or keep scrolling for a list of the awesome

List of Awesome

  • Alerts
    Get email updates on the topics of your choice
  • Blog Search
    Find blogs on your favorite topics
  • Books
    Search the full text of books
  • Checkout
    Complete online purchases more quickly and securely
  • Google Chrome
    A browser built for speed, stability and security
  • Custom Search
    Create a customized search experience for your community
  • Desktop
    Search and personalize your computer
  • Directory
    Search the web, organized by topic or category
  • Earth
    Explore the world from your computer
  • Finance
    Business info, news and interactive charts
  • Google Health
    Organize your medical records online
  • iGoogle
    Add news, games and more to your Google homepage
  • Images
    Search for images on the web
  • Maps
    View maps and directions
  • News
    Search thousands of news stories
  • Patent Search
    Search the full text of US Patents
  • Product Search
    Search for stuff to buy
  • RealtimeNew!
    Get live updates from popular social sites, news sources, and blogs
  • Scholar
    Search scholarly papers
  • Toolbar
    Add a search box to your browser
  • Trends
    Explore past and present search trends
  • Videos
    Search for videos on the web
  • Web Search
    Search billions of web pages
  • Web Search Features
    Find movies, music, stocks, books and more

    Explore and innovate

    • Code
      Developer tools, APIs and resources
    • Labs
      Explore Google's technology playground

    Communicate, show & share

    • Blogger
      Share your life online with a blog - it's quick, easy and free
    • Calendar
      Organize your schedule and share events with friends
    • Docs
      Create and share your online documents, presentations and spreadsheets
    • Groups
      Create mailing lists and discussion groups
    • Knol
      Share what you know
    • Google Mail
      Fast, searchable email with less spam
    • Orkut
      Meet new people and stay in touch with friends
    • PanoramioNew!
      Explore and share photos of the world
    • Picasa
      Find, edit and share your photos
    • PicnikNew!
      Fast, easy and fun photo-editing
    • Reader
      Get all your blogs and news feeds fast
    • Sites
      Create websites and secure group wikis
    • SketchUp
      Build 3D models quickly and easily
    • Talk
      IM and call your friends through your computer
    • Translate
      View web pages in other languages
    • Voice
      One number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling
    • YouTube
      Watch, upload and share videos

    Go mobile

    Make your computer work better

    • Pack
      A free collection of essential software

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Anonymous said...

We talked about this before. And I am SO JELLY OF YOUR PHONE!

Seriously now, Google is taking over my life as well. I love it. If it takes over the world, I'll be happy. At least it will be a just overlord.