Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was in the shower this evening and my brain was flipping through ideas to write about.

*Side Note* Five hour energy commercials suck and I am tired of seeing them!  THEY ARE LAME.  GO WINGS.

Anyway, I couldn't decide about what to write about.  I could write about all kinds of things, and the problem is that I was going to tell you all the ideas I had.  But I am so one tracked once I decide to write about, I blocked everything else from my brain.

So, I landed on something that Adam and I were talking about tonight when we were being grown ups and talking and being all gooey and relationship-y and I had childhood flashbacks. Or something.

Hang on, I need to make a grocery list before I forget stuff I keep forgetting.

K, I'm back.  Sorry, but I keep forgetting to buy more ketchup.  Not normally problematic, but I like ketchup on my eggs and Adam likes to surprise me with eggs and bacon some mornings.  Like this morning.  I also like to be prepared.

What was I saying?  Right, issues.  I have a myriad (love that word) of issues, I think, anyway and many of my friends will say God, yes she does!  This issue I want to talk about because I can NOT be the only person who has this problem.

Ye who have been here before know that I am trying to lose weight to be healthy and stuff.  And because I am vain.  The first step to healing or whatever is admitting you have a problem.  And I have discovered I have a deep-seated tendency that is like hard-wired in my brain or something that makes me have to EAT-ANYTHING-DELICIOUS-NOW-BECAUSE-I-LIVE-WITH-SOMEONE-ELSE-AND-THEY-WILL-EAT-IT-BEFORE-I-GET-TO-HAVE-ANY-MORE!!!!

I can't seem to remember that when I start shoving nomilicious ice cream in my gaping maw.  It flies out of my head that I don't have to eat the entire carton now, because Adam is not as obsessed with freaking awesome French Silk Ice Cream, which is, by the way, a light ice cream and delicious.  (I love commas)

I also seem to forget that I am also in charge of making the grocery list, so when I finally chomp through the THREE cartons of French Silk I have in my freezer, I CAN BUY MORE.  It's like food taunts me or something.  Maybe it's because I grew up with 2 brothers and they would and still do eat everything in freaking sight and I married the freaking bottomless pit.  Which is how I regained all the weight I lost before I met him, trying to match him in eating so he wouldn't think I was a wuss.  GOD!

I have to conquer this because if I don't break the freaking plateau I've been on for the last five months, I'm going to lose my marbles.  Or the remainder of the ones I managed hang on to when I fell off the monkey bars in elementary school.

I basically think that I have some sort of impulsive eating thing that starts the second deliciousness hits my taste buds.  And it doesn't matter how full I am I MUST HAVE MORE OF GRANDMA'S PISTACHIO PUDDING, IT IS SO DELICIOUS.  I am working on controlling this tendency.  Like tonight, I had a half cup of delicious French Silk Ice Cream (you get it at Kroger by the way) and I was using the last of my points on it.  Which is fine we ate dinner at 7:30p so it was late and I needed to stop eating soon.  But after I ate that half cup in my teeny glass that I use to try and control portion size, my brain started doing that sneaky thing where I look at the empty glass and they team up and start saying things like, "You know you want more." and "Come on, a little more won't totally screw up your points for the week."

"But you will!" I told it tonight.  "You will make me eat all the ice cream in the freezer if I don't just stop after one.  And you will still be there tomorrow and the next day and the next day and for many days after that because there are THREE CARTONS IN THE FREEZER YOU MORON DON'T DO IT!"

So I didn't.  I'm so proud of me.

Now I made myself hungry and I want to go to bed.  And we're out of oranges.


P.S. French Silk Ice Cream and Grandma's Pistachio Pudding were only examples.  They are delicious.  And therefore worth mentioning.

P.P.S. So is Angel's Pasta Salad.

P.P.P.S. And Egg Rolls.


Rachael said...

It's hard to stop eating something if it tastes so good. I haven't figured it out yet either, but you're not alone!

LabGirl said...

I go to bed hungry every night because I use all my point by like, 8 0'clock. That ice cream sounds sooo goood!! This was epic!

Jenny said...

@LabGirl I promise that I can explain Points Plus to you really easy! You want to know why? Because I don't really understand it either!

Jenny said...

@Rachael If you figure it out, can you let me know?!