Saturday, January 22, 2011

T-Mobile, You're Amazing

I love T-Mobile. I love, love, LOVE T-Mobile.

As many of you know, I will be Studying Abroad in Ireland for a week over Spring Break.  For those of you who don't know, I am going with a class: Irish History and Theatre.  We will visit all kinds of historic places and see several plays while we are there.  I am super excited for the trip, but I had one worry.

My phone has been getting increasingly slower, not responding quickly to my touch, taking forever to pull up an app or even load the home screen after I exit a phone call or an application, but especially the browser.  We thought we weren't eligible for upgrading until after I came back from Ireland, the Sunday after, to be specific.  This was really worrying me, because I want my phone to work while I'm traveling.  Because we are with T-Mobile, we have GSM phones and I just have to get a new SIM card after we land so it will work over seas.  But with the way it's been behaving I was really concerned.

So tonight, after a particularly frustrating period of time with my phone, I decided to check to see what deals were up on T-Mobile's website for the G2 because we had decided that when we could upgrade, that's what we wanted to upgrade to.  We needed to wait for a good deal on the phones for they are normally very expensive at market price ($499.99!!!!).  I checked online tonight and they are running an online deal and mail in rebate.  We could upgrade for $99.  YAY!

I logged into our account to see if the deal was still there when I was logged in.  And it was.  But I wanted to make sure. So I called T-Mobile's Customer Care Center and the automatic lady told me I was eligible for upgrade!  EXCITEMENT BUILDS!

I call Adam and tell him the good news.  He has some more questions and asks if I would call back.  I agree, SLIGHTLY LESS EXCITEMENT.

I call T-Mobile's Customer Care Center again and ask to speak to a representative.  I talk to a very nice and polite gentleman representative and he assures me that, yes, if I am logged in to 'My T-Mobile' Account and that is what is being shown as the price, it is what we are eligible for.  EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT!!

I go through all of the steps and I upgrade my phone, the new phone will be here a week from Monday (estimated) OMG OMG OMG!!!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!

I go through to upgrade Adam's phone, I get all the way through to submit the order and get a weird error.  "Please enter a different dollar amount." ?!?!?! CONFUSION.

I try again using Adam's card instead of mine.  Same error.  CONFUSION AND CONCERN, EXCITEMENT WANING.

I try again using an entirely different brand card (a debit card instead of a credit card).  Same Error. FRICK!  EXCITEMENT WANING MORE, WORRY GROWING.

I call T-Mobile's Customer Care Center again and talk to another representative, this time a super nice and funny lady representative.  She's just as confused as I am and she can't get her computer to let her log in to our account and try and see what I am seeing.  She tries three times and can't get it to work, OH NO!  She says that she will let her supervisor know that the website's screwing up and try again later.  OH NO OH NO!  (At least I upgraded my phone first! :P heheheheheheheheheheeeee!!!!)

I completely log out of T-Mobile and close all T-Mobile related windows.  I re-open a tab and go to T-Mobile's website and log back in.  I go through all the steps with out a hitch.  I get to the submit order page.  TENSION BUILDS.  IT WORKED, IT WORKED!!!!!! YAY!!!!

So T-Mobile has amazing customer service, we have new phones and I have less worries for my travels abroad.  YAY!!!!!!  Everyone have some sparkling grape juice because it's delicious!

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