Monday, January 10, 2011

I Totally Did Not Make the Point I Meant to With My Last Post.

My last post was supposed to be about how when I am really super busy, I can do everything I need to because I know that I only have X amount of time to get 80 bajillion things done.

What I meant to say was that if I am crunched for time, like when I have three classes and a rehearsal in one day, I am way more productive on my down time than if I have a totally free day.  That was my point.  This paragraph was also an edit, because I STILL DIDN'T PUT THIS IN WHEN I ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED THIS POST.  GAH!  I need to go to bed.


Instead, it turned into a frazzled I'm-going-to-list-everything-I've-done-today post because I couldn't, for various reasons, put together whatever words I intended originally to give the message about that.  Probably because I was operating under the impression I was much shorter on time that I actually was.

See, I was asked to switch to a different section of a certain class so that everyone who needed to take the class could.  Which involved rearranging another class to a different day.  But I never changed it in my calendar, so I had it all mixed up.

Long story short, I missed the class I was supposed to be in today and went to a different section at the same time as the class I am supposed to go to tomorrow.

I'm an idiot.

But I got all the rest of the stuff I needed for the semester.  Yay?

P.S. Textbooks are really freaking expensive.  So is stage make up.


LabGirl said...

You missed a class? Oh no!
And yes, we do need the make up, weird black thingy (correct term: stippler), and a 1/2" flat brush for Ann's class. She said if we get paint brushes instead, though, they're cheaper and do the same thing!

Jenny said...

@LabGirl yeah, I missed 574 at 2.... WHOOPS.