Monday, September 26, 2011

Libraries are AWESOME!

I already knew libraries were fantastic, I grew up a block away from my local library.  I spent a lot of time there in the summer and would check out as many books as I could at once then take them home, devour them and return them for more.

Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm a read-oholic.

I have grown up with a love of reading and books and libraries. So when I was looking for a way to get out of the apartment while I'm still job hunting, the best place to go to volunteer was the local library!  The beauty of libraries is they are all different, but they are a great resource for entertainment, education and research.

Which make my revelations today a little redundant.

Basically, this is how my afternoon of volunteering went down.  I was working with another volunteer re-shelving returned books, chatting, having a grand old time.  I picked up a couple books to re-shelve and one of them was rather thin.  I read the title and it was 'Working'.

I thought, "Hey, I saw a musical called 'Working' while I was at Central!"


It has never occurred to me, until today, that a library could carry sheet music.  DUH.  How have I not thought of this before?!  Sheet music is expensive to buy, especially when you're broke, and what better why to continually having a fresh supply than the library!

I pranced walked over to the section where it needed to be shelved and found an entire section of musical sheet music, and stuff about the industry, etc.  I couldn't believe it.  I, of course, promptly pulled about a half dozen of the sheet music books onto the cart so I could check them out before I left. (insert excited squealing/squeaking here).


I continue shelving and chatting with M, and we're talking about traveling and living abroad (because Adam and I are talking about it a lot, France and Italy being at the top of the list).  I head over to the next row to shelve a different book, and BAM! I find myself amidst a bunch of travel books!  Again, never thought to look at the library for these things!  I mean, I usually spent my time in fiction, not non-fiction, so I suppose my gaffe can be overlooked, kind of.

GAH! I LOVE LIBRARIES!! They always seems to have another surprise around the corner!

So, go give some love to your local libraries, they deserve it!  How might you do that you ask?  Well, here's how!

1. Become a patron.  Go check out books!  Lots of libraries also let you borrow DVDs, books on CD, many of them have communal computers.  Some even partner with a website to allow eBook lending!

2. Volunteer.  Libraries LOVE volunteers.  You can volunteer for day-to-day assistance, volunteer to plan a fundraising event, or volunteer to work at a fundraising event!

3. Donate books!  Have some books laying around you'll never read again? Donate them! It's tax deductible!

4. Donate money. TAX DEDUCTION!

5. Ask them what they need help with, then help them with it!

Go love on a library, you will thank me for it!

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