Monday, September 19, 2011

Cooley Law School 5K for Education

I did it!  I trained, I worked and I finished the first 5K I ever paid to enter.  And I ran the whole thing!  Woo!

I finished in 36:46, took 51st in my age group (according to the picture I took, but the online results say I'm 52nd), 336th overall for women and 609th overall.  My mile time was not very good, 11:50, but I have something to improve on for next year.

Next year I will be running in the 25-29 age group and the winning time for that was 19:21.  So that's my goal, to get my time down in the next year.  Guess who's going to be running intervals? (Me, in case you didn't guess!)  It won't hurt that if I make my goal weight by my birthday, I will be running next year's 5K with significantly less poundage dragging me down.  Even if I decide to maintain a higher weight than I currently am aiming for now, I will still be much less heavy.

Which will be very good.  For many reasons.  Besides the obvious of not having extra weight, I will hopeful not injure myself while running the 5K.  During the 5K I must have just been running high on adrenaline and not noticed, but my feet killed afterward.  My right foot still hurts, although less than it did yesterday.  Ice and acetaminophen will do that.

The big suck for yesterday was that I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.  Ick.  Not really what you want when you're about to run 3.1 miles.

Alright, race report: (OMG, I get to do one of these!)

Mile 1 (10:36, about 8:40am)

We had to rush to the starting line because we had to take stuff back to the car after we checked in (and now we can't find my keys).  I plugged into my phone for music and turned it up.  The air horn went and we took off, the 5K in one direction and the Half Marathon in the other.  I felt alright, but as mile one came up, I was starting to get down a bit, and was thinking about walking after I hit the mile marker.  I got to the marker and said, if you still want to walk after mile two, you can for a bit.

First Water Station

As we approached, I thought they were people waiting for certain runners and was cursing myself for not asking someone to water us.  Then I realized it was for everyone and I was happy!  I cannot walk and drink out of a paper cup let alone run and drink.  So after slopping a large amount of it down my front I stopped, finished the water and continued.

Mile 2 (22:42, about 8:53am)

I didn't let myself stop and walk here either.  I wasn't going to let myself walk at all during this.  And I am stubborn, especially with myself.  I kept on keeping on.

Second Water Station

There was a band playing along the second water station, which was nice.  I got some water, stopped to chug it down (attractive, I know) and kept running.

Mile 3.1

There were tons of people flanking the finish and the last bit leading up to the finish along the River Trail.  They cheered on everyone, not just who they came to support.  It was wonderful. Thank you! We really, really appreciate it!  I sprinted with everything I had left to get across before another minute ticked off the clock.

After the finish Meijer had donated bagels, fruit, water and apple cider.  All of which was awesome.  I had a bagel, an apple, some water and cider.  We also got a free beer from a local brewery.  I had a bite of Adam's pizza but didn't give in to the desire to get my own slice.  Also, my feet hurt, so I didn't want to walk around to find it.

We stayed to watch the Half Marathoners finish, and we had a friend running in it.  We stayed til she finished, her husband couldn't run because he broke his toe a few weeks ago. :(  It was really nice to see them.

Adam and I look forward to racing again next year, but hopefully we'll get to race again before that! (Read: when I find a job)

Well, that's all I got, I'm going to see if I can convince Adam to write his own race report to post too.


Adam and I after we finished!

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