Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Always Worth It To Check - ALWAYS

Last week at my normal Weight Watchers meeting I was talking to some of the ladies who had also arrived early, which is not unusual.  Sharing how we did that week, what surprised us, etc.  But some how we ended up discussing cost of Weight Watchers.  I don't remember how.

Anyway, my meeting leader said that there was a Blue something insurance plan that pays for Weight Watchers outright as a preventative measure to help their customers be healthier.  Then a lady who always sits in the row in front of me said that her insurance gives her a $300 reimbursement each year to help pay for WW.

This is all very interesting to me.  I like to save money on things, especially things I plan to use a lot.  Like food.  And Weight Watchers. So I made a mental note to check and see if my health insurance provider covers WW at all.  Of course, I didn't check until two days ago because that's when I remembered the mental note I made.

I really should write these things down.

But I never have paper to write on with my pens.

Whatever, anyway, so I checked the website for my health insurance and hot damn!  They have three different ways for you to save if you do your thing through them!  You can save 15% off of the monthly pass (which is what I use).  That's 15% per month. that's $7 saved each month! YAY!  And, when I called to switch over, more good news!  The first month of my "new" subscription through my insurance provider is half price! Niiiiiice!

So, lesson for today: Always, always, always, ALWAYS check to see if you can save some moolah, because chances are, you can.  And then you can save what you saved for a new dress.  Or shoes.  Or for food. Or rent.

Right, I think I'm a little slap happy.  So, go save yourselves some cash!

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Sarah @ ExPat Bride said...

I'm gonna look this up right now! Thanks for the tip!