Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've Forgotten

How absolutely exhausting orthodontia is.

For the last three years I have had a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth.  Unfortunately, during our Century Ride, an errant nut in a Clif Bar and my inability realize what was happening while I bit down, I bent my retainer.


But I couldn't get into my original orthodontist without a long wait time, so I got one here in Lansing.  I still waited far too long to get in and get everything taken care of though.  I only got in last week to the ortho down here.  It took 6 days to get another retainer made, but as of today I have gone almost a month with a bent retainer.  They removed my permanent retainer (I'm free!) and gave me a plastic retainer.  Which is what I originally wanted when I got my braces off three years ago.

Problem: because it's been so freaking long since I bent my retainer, they had to do a reset on a couple of my teeth.

Problem: It hurts like a mo-fo.  Oh, geeze, it hurts.  And it doesn't fit properly either, because my teeth moved so much.  As in, when I put it in the first time, it popped out.  I've had to keep clenching on cotton things to keep it in.  I only had to do it for the first half hour after I had it in, but it hurts less with them in there.  They told me it should stop hurting after three days, if it doesn't, call them.  And it should finally sit all the way down on my teeth after a week, if it doesn't, call them.

And, re-reading this tells me that you're probably bored by this point, so here is a fun GIF to entertain you.


Silly doggy.

So anyway, basically, my mouth hurts a lot, I'm eating mushy food, and I am sleeping a lot.  And I'm still tired.

Another thing I forgot is how fricken long you can wait at the doctor's office.  I had a 9:30 doctor appointment and I was still waiting to see the doctor at 10:45, in a room, but still waiting.  Silly me thinking scheduling my doctor's appointment an hour and half before my ortho appointment, thinking that would be enough time to get from one appointment to another. Ha.  Fortunately I was only 3 minutes late.  FOR PAIN.  

In the end I've been diagnosed with Pharyngitis, a sprained foot and re-arranging teeth.

And a dose of adorable to end out this scattered post!


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