Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, well, well, what do we have here?

A lot of things have happened in the last couple weeks!  And I mean A LOT!

We had some dark days leading up to this events of the last 2 weeks or so.  With my unemployment taking too long to end and my student loans coming due soon, we were hemorrhaging money despite trying so hard to spend absolutely nothing more than we needed.  We just were not in a good place.

But then things started to change.

I signed up with a temp agency and they found me a placement in about three days.  It's a part time job, which is fine for now.  I won't tell you what I'm doing or where, but I will tell you I absolutely love it.  I mean really love it.  This alone has saved us our sanity.  And our wallets. And there is a good chance I could end up there full time and permanently.

We are also moving! Part of our problems were that we were living in a place that was just way too expensive.  We hadn't been too happy here anyway.  Bad experiences from the start.  So we were able to negotiate out of our lease and find a house.  We are moving in a few weeks.

I also have been reading a book that has changed my life.  It's wonderful and I will write more about it after I finish it, but if the suspense is killing you, it's called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

Read it, you will thank me. I guarantee it.

I also have started canning, which is an adventure I look forward to sharing with you.  I am bound to screw something up eventually that will give a great story!  I will share the recipes I try and like, and tell you which ones I think you should avoid!  I have already canned some apple pie filling.  Next up apple jelly, apple butter and applesauce.  Can you tell I have a lot of apples?  I also want to branch out and do some other things, but to do vegetables, you need a pressure canner and right now I am stuck in what I can do with water bath canning right now.  Until I can either buy my own PC or borrow my mom's.

I also had the weirdest interview ever yesterday and that definitely deserves its own post.

Alright. I have to get up very early to go to work, and even though I don't work every day, I'm trying to stay on the same schedule.  And I'm tired.

How've you been?

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