Friday, October 14, 2011

Michigan v. Michigan State

Tomorrow is the rivalry game of the season for these two schools, but both universities were able to put aside their differences tonight to raise money for Mott Children's Hospital at the 'Go Blue, Go Green, Go Kids!' Tailgate at the Lexus of Lansing tonight.

It was a pure fluke that I was able to attend.  A co-worker won them in a raffle that was to raise money for Michigan Harvest, a food pantry.  He couldn't go so he gave them to another co-worker who asked me to go with her.

It was a snazzy affair so I classily represented the Spartans in one of my favorite work outfits.  There were a lot of well known people there, but the real heroes were the kids who were there thanks to the top rate work of the pediatric doctors who work at Mott.  One of whom I met, and it was an honor to meet them.

Sparty was there to lend his 'voice' to the cause

As was Former Governor Engler and his wife.

Tom Izzo

and Lloyd Carr.

I know I'm a State Fan, but I was honored to meet such a legendary coach, even though he coached Michigan. :)  He was very nice and even said to tell my Dad hi.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend such a great event.  I hope I never need the services of Mott, but I know it's there if I do.

Oh, and Go Green!

Yes, I will be at the game tomorrow, and tailgating.

In conjunction with this, I will be hosting my first giveaway!!  If you are the first one to find me tomorrow at the tailgating or the game, I will give you your choice of apple jam, apple pie filling or applesauce. (Sorry Courtney, you and your hubby don't count for this one!)  I won't have it with me, but I will get it to you afterwards.

So, you find me first tomorrow, you win jam, applesauce or pie filling, all made from scratch with Michigan apples!  YUM!

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