Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Pumped

I am a Lions fan and have been for my whole life.  I'm a Detroit sports girl through and through.  The Wings are my flagship, but I root for all the teams in the D, even though basketball isn't my favorite sport.  The last several years as a Lions fan have been damn depressing, but I would just shake my head and follow them anyway.  Watching the Lions game on Thanksgiving is a family tradition.

But there is a freaking awesome commercial starring Drew Brees and the NO Saints that is on TV right now and I love it.

The look on Mario's face at the end is hilarious, and the chant pumps you up, even if you have nothing to be pumped up for.  Enjoy!

Transcript below!

Brees: 1;
Chorus: 2
Brees: Win;
Chorus: For You
Brees: 3;
Chorus: 4
Brees: Win;
Chorus: Some More
Brees: 5;
Chorus: 6
Brees: Win;
Chorus: For Kicks
Brees: 7;
Chorus: 8
Brees: Win;
Chorus: It’s Great
Brees: 9;
Chorus: 10
Brees: Win;
Chorus: Again
All: Again, Again, Again, Again!


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