Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's the end of the semester, so what do I do? Procrastinate!

Yes, I procrastinate.  But I have several days until these papers are due, and I have one of them halfway finished.

So anyway, as I sit here days away from graduation, Gentle Thursday and Friday tomorrow and the next day, (which I swear, I will use to finish my paper Mom, I promise), I am throwing myself a pity party.  I went shopping at JC Penney's today because they are having a huge sale and I want to get a new dress for graduation.  I found a gorgeous white sundress that I want to wear to graduation, but it's on clearance, and surprise, surprise, my fat ass doesn't fit, or rather, my stomach, doesn't allow the zipper to close.  Also, my inability to contort myself like an acrobat to be able to reach the zipper, the dress doesn't fit. And I am sad because it is freaking cute, I love it and it's a size too small and JCP doesn't have any in a larger size.

Because of this, I resolute (again, I think, but I'm too lazy to look) to blog about my weight loss journey every Friday.  Updates on my work outs that week, whether I managed to stay on plan that week, my weigh ins, etc.  I cringe when I think about putting this out there on the internets, but I feel I need to be accountable in some other ways than I am already, because I obviously am not being accountable enough.

I will write more about what I think are my issues with food on Friday, and obviously about my week.  As for now, I need to go procrastinate by watching the last 1:44 of the third period of game seven of the Penguins vs Lightening.

Penguins need to lose.

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